Man Killed Over Retro Foamposites in Maryland

This news is awful. Unfortunately all sneaker related news is not always good, especially this news. TSG recently caught wind about a man that was stabbed to death in Hyattsville, Maryland over the Retro Foamposites. Now most of you know that the Air Foamposite is a staple shoe in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virgina) area.

In fact, you’ve probably heard stories before about fights breaking out and people getting robbed over Foamposites. It’s just shoes, so at the end of the day, fighting and robbing is totally uncalled for. But taking someone’s life for a pair of shoes, that’s just _____ (I’m having a difficult time finding the right word to describe how I feel, so fill in the blank).

Watch the video above for the full story.

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Lord G-Roc from the Great South. Twitter/IG: @GRocSmith

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  • Oshiyoshi

    For the love of kicks ..smh

  • aaron

    Makes no sense whatsoever!

  • This sneaker thing is out of control.For you to take a mans life over a sneaker is just plain petty and retarded.For reasons like this is when somebody deserves life in prison. smh,we will never progress as people.

  • JETlifer

    this world is goin back to tha early 90s era where people die over nonsence like this. its a real shame.. Rest In Peace man…

  • Serious

    Is the HYPE THAT SERIOUS!!!! If you don’t have a certain shoe, get over it!!!! It’s not the end of the world!! No shoe is greater than a persons Life. No shoe. Highly upset to hear something like this. We have to do better to control this HYPE smh. If you don’t quit feeding that HypeBEAST, it’s going to kill you.

  • It will NEVER be that serious. NEVER!

  • Jaxflcru



  • grind denim

    Hype Beast are “Killing” the game….literally

  • robbjay

    If anybody ever needs shoes bad enough to kill…hit me up I will give you mine. IM SERIOUS @ROBBEDSOLE_CBS


  • atgbryan

    damn shame

  • @thkdfrankie

    feel sick to my stomach seeing that. people are just getting so caught up in it and its disgusting. makes you not wanna be in the game.

  • Royal S

    It just a pair of rubber with paint & laces. Who cares, No one’s life ever needs to be taken unless by God, not over guns or stabbing & especially over something as little as a pair of kicks. Change, there’s one day going to be a change in the world.

  • scoop

    straight up foolishness..90% of the time the people robbin for the shoes is into some kind of drug dealin .. dude should just go buy 10 pair with the money he has..

  • VA Boy 4 Life

    Damn Shame especially since its so close to home.

  • keezyb

    Yes I live in Maryland as a matter of fact and they not only shot and killes someone but they stabbed 3 people and robbed 12 people for shoes and money in Baltimore it is really sad! follow me @keezb89

  • BOSS305

    in a way its nike’s fault for making shoes so damn limited in the first place.i hate to see how people are gonna act when the concords drop this christmas
    hopefully nike will learn from this one but then again maybe not cause its all about the money.

  • keezyb

    This happens so often in Baltimore, Maryland smh

  • contemptible

  • im from maryland, man you gotta be careful out at release dates and thats always, trust this isnt the first time in the DMV something like this has happened, and you saw at the end when they said no arrests have been made, none prolly will and thats the worst part

  • BigEmar

    It’s not Nikes fault for making the shoes limited.

    If you are stupid and crazy enough to go out and kill someone over a pair of shoes, you should deserve to die slowly and painfully.

    It saddens me that there’s people in this world that would take a life over something so stupid. The value of a life is worth so much and to end it over a pair of shoes? This makes me ASHAMED of the human race. Whoever killed that man over the pair of shoes should not have the right to live.

    This is a disgrace to our country, and our race.

    That guys parents should also be punished for raising up a person that would do something like that.

    I cannot express how much this sickens me.

    My condolences to the victims family, and rest in peace to the man that was murdered

  • Justin

    damn now im scared to wear my fives yk i might have to pass on the concords here in maryland

  • supreme scoop

    wow speechless since they collecting dust here in boston u can still find the pearls n royals not to mention this south beach hypebeast consolation price

  • supreme scoop

    wow speechless since they collecting dust here in boston u can still find the pearls n royals not to mention this south beach hypebeast consolation price -_-

  • They should cut off the killer’s feet. Man there is no shoe worth a life, well except for the em iv’s. JK. Trying to keep it on the lighter side. Just hand over the shoes. Knife and my life over some foams. Not unless I’m Bruce Lee am I keeping my kicks.

  • K.billy

    Yea no shoe is worth killing/ or getting killed for, esp if they look like something Liberace would wear.

  • stayfly

    just for some ugly shoes!!! dammmnnn wtf!!!

  • Big Game

    The dude WAS NOT killed over shoes. He was involved in a street incident. Coverage media is always taking things overboard for a story.

  • Damn! I bet it was about more than kix. That was just something for the media to bite on. I remember when cats was getting it for Jordans or Raider’Kings Starter jackets back in LA in the early 90’s. Shit was really dumb.

    …Respects to the fam involved…

  • KooLKiDPhre$H

    this shyt is hyped up for no reason

  • reggiereg


  • DCjuju

    It was a crazy first of the month not only was there a murder. Two DTLR locations customers in line waiting for the morning opening in Maryland were robbed. It’s crazy when you are in line waiting for a store to open with other people trying to cop sneaks and someone pulls up and holds a gun and tells everyone lay down and give up their money. SMH as a matter of fact it was so bad on the first Iverson Mall and DTLR was trending on twitter that same day.

  • Mally

    The crazy thing is it was more like 8 people that died over the weekend over these… Every foamposite or anything containing foam should be released in general amounts, maybe even more to the DMV area… The foamposite shoe is simply desired by everyone… My grandmother has them…. It’s a Baltimore thing… That’s the only way to slow this down… As closeminded as it is these shoes create an aura of being “That Dude, Baller, #1 Stunna”what ever!… ….Concords will sell out but won’t cause half the mayhem in Maryland…. I promises….

  • RyTheShoeGuy

    Concords are gonna do the same, just like the Cool Greys did. Only the hyped shoes get this problem around here(DMV).

  • edizzle

    i am just shocked…i just visited maryland too. luckily i didnt wear my foams, was planning too 0_0(im from nyc) it really shocks me to hear that this type of sh*t happens. over a pair of shoes!! why would you take another person’s life over a pair of goddamn shoes!

  • ITS A DAMN SHAME!!! Someone lost their lives over some sneakers. Wow man…PATHETIC.

  • New Skool

    Im from DC, Ledroit Park. And unfortunately this is true. People get robbed for kicks and sometimes killed. The hype in DC aint that big but fools will be fools. All they need is an excuse to do something stupid. I hope they catch the idiots who did that and lock them away for life. Its so senseless and dumb. I’ve never meet someone that shoe crazed that they would take a mans life. God Bless that mans family and bring them justice!

  • towens

    senseless bullsh#t i remember the 90s in the chi kids lossing their life over j’s man this shyt has to stop its jus a shoe at the end of the day RIP no life is worth sum kicks…………….

  • Befor any other person in the world thinks about killing someone over a pair of sneakers, HMU, Ill give you mine free of charge, I just require a day of our time…lets ride through New Orleans

  • Pg county man, nothing really surprises me around here anymore. I defy you to find me any place more foam crazy than PG County man, it’s ridiculous.

  • P3nny32

    Killing is some wack shit period.

  • grind denim

    Am I the only one that thinks the value of the electric pros just went up? real talk

  • JOP

    Wow just got a great job offer in VA… This doesn’t help the whole leaving A-town idea… Sad, plain sad…


    It’s a sad day to be a “FOAM-Head” for real, it ain’t that serious homies, shoes come and go and come back again but a LIFE is only a one time deal no Re-releases. RIP

  • canderson_881

    wow. i cant get over how terrible this is over just a pair of shoes. i think that i speak for everyone on this site that i will also give up whatever shoes you want to not kill a person. ugly foams too. sad day.

  • dmy

    if someone is killing over shoes, one is a waste of semen. period. yeah, maybe the suspect should have his feet cut off. or take the term ‘sneaker head’ to a physical level, if you catch my drift.
    i know people aren’t to judge others but stuff like this makes us sneaker people and another cohort of people (the ‘elephant print’ in the room) look bad. given that i’m both, this news really irritates me.

  • hyattsville looks a lot different than when i was last year 3 years ago. sad to see that people are still getting stabbed over clothes and shoes there, though. some things never change.

  • LG

    I heard about this the day it happened. Me personally i’m not suprised, PG county is wild anyway people get robbed and killed over stupid shit everyday. A couple of my friends don’t like going to PG Plaza cause of ish like this. They need to get the guy who did this, no man should die over a pair of kicks.

  • gervman jr


  • Supreme Chucc

    First and foremost RIP to the person that lost their life over this nonsense, my condolences go out to the families and friends touched by this tragedy.

    The most ignorant part of this whole article outside of the obvious is that those kicks aren’t even limited!! Stores lie about how many they have and let resellers buy a million pairs and jack up all the prices in an attempt to guarantee complete sell through.

    While I am not going to make any excuses for the killer and I will not judge them for I am but a human and not the Creator, there must be some responsibility taken by the community. When will we stop supporting this nonsense? I don’t buy Foams anymore but I still recognize their influence and the love they get from the hood and my friends but I will be damned if this happened to them. Stores and Nike need to be held accountable to some degree. It’s called social responsibility.

    I am no thug but I am no punk and I would hate to be put in a position to do something out of my character because I choose to live over anything else.

  • HR

    Condolences to his family and friends. I live in the DMV and n!ggas are being ridiculous over here. They better have security when they release it. Im glad to see more people are aware of the release and what could happen. I was at Baltimore Security Mall release and security was tight! I hope Kevin Durant is smart about release his version of Foams around here and if they are limited or not cause he knows how every1 would act if its limited. follow me @HRCaptain

  • Matt

    Wooww this is unbelievable
    no one deserves this…Shame to the guy who was desperate for those foams…This is a real issue and this has been goin on since the 90s where ppl would get shot for shoes..RIP to the young man who died without cause He didnt do anything wrong He didnt deserve what was done to Him….i hope they find this guy and lock him up away from everyone! Truly sad!

  • Naeem

    You guys wouldn’t even understand what happens in the nations capitol over Foamposites. It’s a lot of thing that didn’t make the news. This is just one death. 7 people have gotten killed for them and there has been 30+ document robberies of these shoes. And 12 people have been hospitalized for them. It gets real in DC over those beloved foamposites.

  • tonytone

    damn im frm maryland there be robberies on peoples shoes all da manz got his shoes robbed at school tho.

  • edizzle

    damn…i really pray for the man’s family and friends. things like this ruin the sneaker game. a sneaker ain’t worth taking another person’s life. the dude worked hard to earn his keep and for another man to come take his life and take his property is just plain sad and wrong. i hope justice gets served. you can’t put material things above others. i’m glad i didn’t wear foamposites when i visited maryland a couple days ago.

  • MJ13

    Try grabbing mine – and say hello to Mr and Mrs glock 40s

    RIP to the victim and prayers to his family and friends

    To the Perp – u will answer to God

  • YaY

    im not gonna lie. i robbed someone for their shoes (Air Jordan XIII) once. And after a few wears I told myself this shit aint worth it. This video kinda made me tear up and my throat lumpy. I believe in karma so i know its gonna bite my ass one day. RIP to all those who have fallen for a mere pair of sneakers.

  • @llSeeingEye

    a pair of shoes, and they are a gay-@ss color blue. this is sickening. and yall wonder why all other races are over us. die for a f—-ng purpose

  • McLovin89

    Yea, one guy came to my store and bought 3 pairs and got hit upside the head n jacked for all 3 right in front of the store. Then he apparently went to another store in the shopping center and bought 3 more….he got stabbed for them. $1200+ gone smh
    Not only that, but an entire line of ppl was robbed of their money before the store opened.
    People, plz be careful when the Pines release!!!

  • 23 was born in 718

    god rest the person who was taken too soon soul and the person who took his life, god will see fit that you receive your judgement
    but this isnt uncommon for sneakers tho
    my moms was a sneakerhead in the 80s and she told me how in bushwick, dudes was lining up picking out who they gonna rob for their jordans on myrtle ave
    the nonsense must stop
    we brutalize each other for material items instead of celebrating and enjoying a purchase we worked hard for
    we take away from our own ppl for what?!
    for eyes to look down upon innercity people with disdain and hate, the actions of that person give the venom to racist ppl to spew their hate
    the sneaker community as a whole need to come together and end this nonsense because this wont be the last we hear of this
    what will happen when the dark pines drop
    or the black cement threes or the concords
    or the cement fours next year?
    the dmv isnt the only place people are buggin resulting to violence for shoes
    here in bklyn i hear of stories of ppl getting got for theirs or in queens ppl gettin jacked for theirs
    we need to seriously call to attention all these tragic events and make sure no more occur

  • jaywalk

    Rest peace my man smh….
    I live right around the corner from pg mall and stuff happens like this almost everyday. When northfaces where hot ppl were stickin ppl up smh

  • DC DunKing

    RIP to the person who lost their life over these shoes.

    If you are from The DMV you already know how shady PG PLaza was and still is. Nike made a DUMB move by putting teh only HOH in that mall. The shoes arent limited but like every shoe that a staple in this area. They were completely sold out by that afternoon. To get jumped or robbed is common, but the killings have escalated to over 20.

    The truth is DC & MD have only seen teh beginning of this nonsense because by the time the other limiteds and concords drop, so will the death toll rise. SMDH

  • Scarface

    I don’t care how comfortable a shoe is…It’s not worth anyones life…The sad fact is: those shoes are freaking ugly!

  • ^^tu madre