How Many Grails Do You See In This Photo?

Take your time and look CLOSELY.

This is not a quiz. There is no correct answer.

I posted this photo on @TheShoeGame’s IG and Twitter yesterday. On IG I said, “So many grails in one photo.” and on Twitter I said, “How many grails do you see?”

The replies I received were amazing and shocking. It was very telling who’s been around for years and who’s new to the shoe game. It’s all good because we all were once young and had to start somewhere.

But still, it seems like new people would do a little research to see what came before them. However, in 2018 I’m aware that’s probably very naive on my part. A lot of people in the game just look for clout and social media acceptance, followers, likes, etc.

I see several shoes that a lot of people would consider grail-worthy. For example, the first shoe I noticed was the Patta x Asics Gel Lyte III. That is straight heat and most definitely a grail to me. In fact, Patta was responsible for reintroducing the model to the world. In my opinion, Patta’ GL3 is still the hardest GL3 collab to date.

Believe it or not, I told Ronnie Fieg Patta has the greatest GL3 of all time. He disagreed. I wonder if he remembers that conversation?

But I don’t want to get away from the point of this post because I want to hear from y’all.

How many grails do YOU see in this photo? Look closely and take your time.

Photo: w03i

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Lord G-Roc from the Great South. Twitter/IG: @GRocSmith

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  • Viktor Von Doom

    I would sure like the AM90 homegrown and AM1 kidrobot F&F edition in my collection.

  • kaydot901

    personally one,just the obsidian OG AM1.Kanye shrug.

  • theloverswineverytime

    They not really close to being one of favs but I’d take Volcano gL5, “Homegrown” max 90s, and that cheetah footscape woven.

  • OGedge

    I’ll take the Paris Dunks and Freddy Krueger’s…. oh wait they ain’t there? Okay then I guess we don’t have a grailz pic

  • javi

    Just say all of them hype..u know that’s what u really mean?THIRSTY

  • DJR

    I see one grail those Unkle Dunks and about 10 other pairs of Nike’s I’d cop.

  • curt diggler

    It’s official, I’m not a sneakerhead…lol. I don’t recognize half that shit

  • bluethasavior

    Theirs 8

  • Nate oNe


  • Ray.

    The only joints I want outta this pic is the gradient AM1s & 4th of July AM90s..

  • James L

    Dunk Unkles, one of my main sb grails. Can’t go wrong with the Tiffanys of course. Bacon am90’s are nice. Not an Air Force 1 guy but the invisible women’s are a nice throwback.

  • Executive

    None in my opinion.

  • Creep

    Who takes shoes off without unlacing them? Most of them look like beaters.

  • fook yo

    me and this guy have very similar taste. no “grails” but a lot of stuff i wish theyd have retrod a million times rather than the BS they always do.

    mayfly wovens- that color shouldve been overstocked. my pairs getting beat
    ultramarine structure triax- still have 2 pairs of the “rain” samples. def my favorite shoe i own
    spruce/lime am90

    and the dave whites in the back. are crack

  • Boss

    Crepe 90s and DQM 90s are the only ones on there that are on my grail list. Lol

  • fook yo

    i do…

  • theloverswineverytime

    Lol, same…

  • javi


  • Raeqwon28

    All the Atmos Air Max 1, Dave White Air Max 1&90, animal print footscape, DQM Air Max 90, Patta Gel 3 lyte, Air Max Urawas,
    I would gather from your conversation with R.Fieg, he thought his colabs were the greatest… top 2 for sure.