How Many Sneakers Do You Have In Your Collection?



This is probably the most asked question amongst sneaker people. I actually never had any plans on making this question a discussion topic, but I’ve been down sizing so I thought like Westbrook, “Why not?”

As the story goes, I started this blog when I was 24. Now I’m 34, and I have changed in so many ways that sometimes I don’t even recognize myself. Ha! I kid, I’m still the same ol G, just more mature and a different outlook on this thing called life.

When I was younger, I used to cop new kicks just to cop new kicks. It was the thing to do. If I’m being honest, a lot of this sneaker stuff is sadly fueled by impressing other people you don’t even know in real life. Hopefully the older one gets, the more they realize that’s not what life is all about.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s perfectly fine to stunt and get attention. We are all humans and we NEED attention. But years ago sneaker collecting started to turn into exactly that for me – collecting!

At one point I made an effort to wear as many of my shoes as possible. But once I started working full time on TSG I wasn’t really going anywhere. I would sit in the house doing exactly what I’m doing now. Sure, I would leave the house to go to Walmart or grab something to eat.

I’d hit the movies and go on dates, but that wasn’t everyday. The point I’m trying to make, I wasn’t going into an office everyday and I was no longer a student. That actually would’ve helped a great deal because I would’ve had to put together more fits, and of course I would’ve wanted to flex how diverse my shoe game is.

But nah, most of the time I would be writing about sneakers in sweats, pajama pants, or a desert camo Speedo in the comfort of my home.

Over the years I noticed I stopped wearing a lot of my shoes. To this day I still don’t know how many pairs I owned before I started down sizing. Maybe 300+.

Let my mom tell it, I’ve always been a hoarder, and I’ll hold onto to stuff forever. I still have a bunch of baby, kids, personal, and a crap load of random sizes. I call the extra stuff my archive. Ol I wanna be an sneaker historian one day face azz. lol

Fast forward to 2017. After giving away and selling a lot of my shoes, I still have too much! What’s too much though? I can’t answer that, I can only speak for myself. I know plenty of guys who have 1,000+ pairs. I. CAN’T. EVEN. IMAGINE. Perhaps I would feel different if I had a dedicated house just to store sneakers, but I don’t.

I go through my collection sometimes and look at certain shoes like, “I’m never going to wear these.” Sometimes it’s a pair I’ve worn before, and sometimes it’s a shoe I bought years ago that I told myself I’m going to wear one day.

In a perfect world, I would love to get my collection down to 50-60 pairs. I’m not sure that will ever happen. I currently have 150-180 personal pairs. That’s me guessing.

The goal is to keep a cozy and comfortable rotation of everyday and traveling kicks with a nice variety of pairs I can pull out from time to time. It’s tough because the minute you get rid of something you might end up regretting it which is why it’s so hard for me to let go.

With all that being said, how many sneakers do YOU have in your collection? Do you wear majority of the sneakers in your collection? Let talk about it in the comments.

Photo by Charles C. Holt

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Lord G-Roc from the Great South. Twitter/IG: @GRocSmith

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  • mbkelley31

    I have close to 200 pairs and as of recently I got a new job where I can’t exactly wear sneakers to work, which makes it hard, but I still switch up my pairs at night or on the weekends. I go thru phases to of what I wear, but as of recently pairs I haven’t worn or fell out of love with I’ve gave away or sold.

  • C Brown

    Humbly around 1500-1600….dude forget downsizing I have a BUNCH of departments that need to be eliminated…found about 20 pairs of Supra’s the other day….TK had a heat rocker for a minute there

  • Flames Harden

    Last time i counted it might have been around 300 ish, but the sentiments you share mirror my life so much. my problem isnt even just buying the hyped stuff constantly either, as much as buying a lot of stuff i find on sale LOL i be like “Why would i buy that GR true blue at 225? thats like 7 pairs of Vamero 9s with this friends and family discount i got” then next thing i know i got all these pairs of Vamero 9’s that ive been waiting to break out once i decide to leave out, but they not break neck enough so i put on one of the 3 pairs of true blues i got on sale and the cycle continues cause im out of my mind…

  • Dior Brown

    I had roughly around 150-175 until I start giving them all away. Now, I own about 65-70. Most of my sneakers I got off the clearance rack. Lol. Shoes have been my passion since I was about 12 years old. Watching my cousins rock the fresh shoes and I was like man I want to be like him. What most people do not understand about the shoe game is that is it hard to get out of once your in. I’m now 23 and I constantly move around due to me being in the military. Weekends I try to throw some heat on to let them know that hey..I’ll still got it and don’t get me f’d up.

  • Ron Simms

    Sitting on about 90 pairs right now and having the same problem. I consistently wear about 10 pairs. But I still want an even 100. Plan is to wear a different pair a day so they get at least 3 wears a year. But I work in an office and wear cole hahns 5 out of 7 days a week so…

  • aSh

    Literally just counted last night, and I am down to 94… from 200+ lol

  • Pablo Reyes

    I have roughly 150 pairs or so. I downsized the last few years from 220-ish pairs. I donated pairs, went to Sneaker Conventions (had a few vendor tables) and good ole Twitter/IG/Facebook I sold pairs. Now that I’m older (30) I’m trying to look for more comfortable shoes. Comfort is key at the end of the day. I do want to do a shoe drive during Christmas in Metro Atlanta in the future with my D’n’P Sneakz crew and possibly other notable big name IG personalities. Something to give back to people in need instead of hoarding all the time…

  • Ray.

    i havent counted since ’09, and have no plans on counting again, but at that time it was like 60 something. So by now I should be like a 100+ but i dont buy kicks nearly as much as i used to and I got rid of a few..

  • sirfresh

    I can fill about 3 shelves on that bookcase lol

  • Executive MurderedoutF12

    I downsized a lot over the years and I probably have around 60+.

  • Executive MurderedoutF12

    Gave away some decent bred 2004 13’s and grape 5’s from 2006 recently to my cuh.

  • OGedge

    I don’t keep count. Just counting them all would be a nightmare. Besides sneakers I also collect toys (transformers, japanese, pop culture), hats, jerseys, video games, t-shirts, g-shocks and watches, Polo, bobbleheads, MLB baseballs, posters, socks, ties, track suits, knives, books… fuck it too many things to write down.

  • DJ Sturgess

    I had over 150 pair at one point. Did some serious downsizing and now I’m at 60+. Quality over Quantity at this point for me.

  • The Peoples Champion

    I’ve tried to catalog all of my pairs, ever since I had to do a insurance
    claim on the pairs that were stolen. At last count I was at about 190 pairs.
    I also have considered downsizing because I move from house to house to
    often because of work & the packing has become a tedious chore. But part of
    truly knows it’ll never happen

  • YallStillMad LeBron’Em Won

    300+, but 1-hunnah…i need to get rid of at least half the shit.

  • javi

    Come on hype this is the subject I know you been waiting for. Go ahead tell us how many shoes that crazy thirst you have has led you to buy. Enlighten us with the real number….the stage is all yours lol!

  • DJR

    I’m too scared to count. At one point I was well into triple digits before I bought my house then sold a bunch of pairs and was down below triple digits. Now I’m probably back up but I need to do an inventory check again and get rid of some kicks. I wanna eventually get to a point where I don’t buy more but man that’s so difficult.

  • 210 Got Kickz?

    I have like 100 pairs. Recently have sold out of necessity and keep picking up. But probably never get below 70 or 80 pairs truthfully.

  • fook yo

    was about 50-60. now ive cut it down to about 45 lmao. it just goes down and grows again.

  • Derrick

    I’m at close to 400. It’s a struggle deciding what to get rid of. My goal is to keep my top 3 of every style. But when you have like 10 colorway of every style how do you decide? What makes it worse is I like around 5 different brands. And still buying new shit ?.

  • WHOA! Salute to you man. Do you rotate several pairs often or what? That’s so many pairs. I wouldn’t know what to do with that many shoes.

    And you’ve been around for a good min on TSG. You remember all those hyped Supra days. Cats was on my head if I didn’t get new releases or leaks up fast enough. Crazy!

    I remember when I met the Atlanta Supra rep and I leaked a bunch of stuff. Supra even hit me like man pleaseeeee take this stuff down. lol

  • That’s what’s up OGedge. I can respect it. Collector of many things. Where do you store all your kicks – basement?

  • That’s where I’m trying to get.

  • Whew! Well at least you get to wear a lot of them. As long as you or anyone else has the proper storage it’s all good. As for me, I’m running out of space until I move. Got stuff in storage and all.

  • I’m fine knowing that’s going to happen. You’re def going to see more pairs you want so it’s constantly going up and down.

  • Round and round we gooooo! I’d like to get somewhere around there. One day. But then I’ll just keep seeing stuff I like.

  • Yeah good luck with that. We are all going to continue to buy new pairs. The struggle is real. But that’s why we are all here in the comments talking about it. lol

  • Ok den! I def thought you were going to hit us with 500+.

    You rotate through all 300+?

  • Sorry to hear that about the stolen pairs. Yeah it will most likely never happen but for me the key is to get rid of stuff that I know I’m never wearing again.

  • Not bad at all! I def thought you were going to say more… but like all of us, you will continue to cop more pairs. The life!

  • lol. Honest!

  • Same! Thankfully brands spend me a decent amount of stuff. A lot of eh stuff and some bangers here and there.

    But I told myself I’m only coppin’ if I feel like I’m going to regret not coppin down the line.


    That’s what’s up. You should link up with Kixfair for the give back for Christmas.

  • CLAP FOR HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    aSh, I see you on the da gram with that expensive heat. Quality over quantity, huh?

  • See that work attire kinda messes things up. Imagine if you could rock sneakers to work. Maaaaaan!

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Wow. So young but you speak like an OG. Let’s trade ages. lol

    I want to hear from you again when you’re 34. Let me know what your collection is looking like.

  • Wise man! I’m assuming you’re a runner? Or maybe you wear the Vomero 9 for comfort.

    Either way, I feel you, esp on the discount pairs. Some of those deals are too good to sleep on. It’s almost disrespectful to not cop. lol

  • Work dress code blocking a lot of people from wearing kicks.

    That’s how it is with the pairs you aren’t feeling anymore. But for every pair you give away or sell, you’ll see something else you want.

    200 is not crazy tho.

  • Fuqa Hypebeast

    I got like 25 pairs, because of my stepson wanting my old pairs, or me donating to my brothers/friends. I like to see them rock pairs that would otherwise collect dust. My house is not that big, and my wife dominates most of the storage space, so it’s mandatory that I constantly downsize. Hell- I’m doubling up on the royals, so I gotta let go two pair! It sucks, but hey, I have a “personal relationship” with every pair.

  • Heezyholly

    I had a at one time over eighty pairs. At that point I realized that was way too many. It had shit u knew Damn well I wasn’t going to wear I didn’t want to be the guy again with boxes everywhere and yellowed discolored mid soles. I would buy it and basically bury it or one and done. I went through my stuff and went donwn to 15 to 20 now in at 30 I hit the chill button again cuz I don’t want oat of shit around and I move A lot. Many times from moving I had to make ruff choices it was ruff but I did it restarting my collection and rotation multiple times. Truly you only wear two hand full consistently be smart buy what you know you’ll wear.

  • You have to pick a number you’re comfortable with and stick to it. Stick to it by ranking your sneakers and letting those that don’t make the cut go.

  • fook yo

    You already know G.

  • Jay

    I’m between 150-170 including dress shoes. I was up to 260 at one point but I sold off my Jordans and Nike SB dunks and donated everything else. I tried to get down to my favorite 50 pairs but alot of my sneakers hold sentimental value. I have the sneakers I bought my house in, the sneakers I had on when my daughter was born, I even have a pair of my late uncle’s 1980 Earl the pearl Monroe’s Jordache sneakers in ds condition. When I walk into my closet its like taking a trip down memory lane and a reminder of my childhood.

  • Jon M. Fresh Kicks

    Right before me and my wife met 16 years ago I had almost 200 pairs of kicks…But over time i have sold some and given most away to either family members or to homeless men in my community…I have close to 25 pairs including dress shoes and work boots…So what I would like to do is get my collection back up too around 70 to 75 pairs..Im a fan of so many different brands its tough to decide which pair i wanna buy

  • Dior Brown

    Lol..I will most def..I was in foot locker yesterday and I brought up this discussion and man did I start a huge older than me talking and they still collecting so I see G

  • Executive MurderedoutF12

    I cut down a ton and just started dropping kicks off at the Salvation Army and giving them to my cousin over the years. The moment I stopped caring about keeping them clean was the moment I knew I was growing out of the whole sneaker thing.

  • curt diggler

    Bout 25 – 30 including boots and dress shoes….saw no point in going as hard as I used to so I let go of a lot and just keep what’s necessary. 3 – 5 pair per season is my aim from here on out, with the goal being everything below retail.

  • Ray.

    Yea I feel that man.
    My main issue is when I find something I wanna cop it’s either super limited (KAWS), over hyped (AF1 SF), or over priced (All Star 1s).
    But you know, its all part of the game..

  • Flames Harden

    actually im more into basketball sneakers (im 30+ LOL), i just tend to like running sneakers that i can wear and abuse all the time without the pressure of “not scuffing”, and the Vamero 9 was just on dumb sale that day lmaoooo smooth coincidence! im a firm believer that paying retail is for suckers in most cases, and now that most shoes i like go on sale so fast, its been right up my alley!

  • sinicc

    im down to about 175-200.
    trying to get down to about 100.

    3rd collection.
    had 2 of over 250+ have been stolen from me (one in 94, and another in 03), so that ‘helped’ to keep it small, but makes me sad when i know i lost ‘original’ releases of some 80s gems (edbergs, lendls, trainer 1, court victory pumps, ‘barry sanders’, jordan 2)… but in the end its just a sneaker.

    every year i try to donate 50 or so pairs to a local charity/youth organization to both keep my collection smaller, and to pass along the joy of sneakers.

  • OGedge

    Basement in storage wardrobes, and rubbermaid containers. Anything on rotation I use IKEA shelves. An estimate of my sneaker collection would be less than 200. As much as I buy, I also beat, throw away, sell (rarely), or donate.

  • Roger_Milla

    It’s much more fun (and challenging) to get the good stuff for as little money as possible.

  • Lem

    I have about 40 or so pair. Was up to about 80 but my house got broken into a couple of years back. Try to only get rarer shoes now or old school pairs from when I was a kid.

  • curt diggler

    Yessir, I try to cop the kicks most overlook on discount.

  • Thad Greer

    Once again, I’m super late to a good discussion post. I currently have exactly 63 pairs in my closet. I only know this because I’m actively trying to shrink that number down to something more reasonable. I’m getting to that point where I have a small rotation of sneakers that I actually wear and the rest are just sitting. Right now, aside from a new release here and there, I’m only buying my most wanted sneakers that have been on my hit list for a while – and then once I get them, I try to let 2 old pairs from the closet go.

  • Dolla_DP

    I don’t even count tbh I just know what it’s harder to make room it’s enough for me , you can’t have them all. But hen I tried an app called unlaced to help sort of keep tabs , after I reached the 100’s I stopped adding earlier kicks to the app… such a habit to have.

  • YallStillMad LeBron’Em Won

    Lol. Late as hell gettin back….
    But naaahh, man. I just cant do it. Gotta work on getting rid
    of ALOT of that shit lol

  • PimpDaddyWiteBoy

    Been in this for 3 years, at around 70 pairs right now

  • JohnGotty

    most of the time I would be writing about sneakers in sweats, pajama pants, or a desert camo Speedo in the comfort of my home.
    this is me minus the Speedo lol

    I try to keep mine around 100 – 150. Once it nears the higher number, I start thinning it out. It’s sort of wasteful to have a random pair that I haven’t worn in over a year and it not holding sentimental value. Those are the first ones to go. Also don’t like the clutter/spacing issues that having too many pairs can cause.

  • The last time I counted it was over 700. I’m not counting them all again but I’m sure it’s over 800-850. All I’ll add is know when a goal is completed, stop and make new goals. A few years ago it was “I just want enough shoes so that I could spread the wear across them”, just like I told my mother over 23yrs ago but she wasn’t having it. Now you know why on my IG you might see 3, 4 or even 7yr old shoes that look lightly worn or brand new.

    I passed that goal in late 2015 and just never stopped. Don’t be me. It’s a blessing and a curse to have this many shoes and you will suffer from “paradox of choice”. I have been late to work and other destinations because I couldn’t decide which shoes to wear. Yeah…

  • Damn dude. You make me feel lightweight lol. Jokes aside, that’s impressive.

  • C Brown

    Yea I rotate and wear alot but Ill go through a kick where I need to give some love to a certain sections…Like Lebron Land hasnt seen a lot of wear in a while so I might just rock Lebrons for a week…But I still need to downsize its time….Yea man…Supra hype while never going CRAZY was still good for a small size company like theirs….Remember there was LEGIT arguments and comparisons on whose sneaker would be/is better…the TK’s or the Yeezy??? I mean TK had videos with Sway and the whole nine pushing them Purple Suede joints HARD….and at the same time KILLING the Black and Pink Yeezy 1’s..then homie made a limited edition Black and Pink TK just to go after Yeezy…..Wow…damn feels like forever ago…..I got a ton of just European/Asian Stuff (Del’Aquas, ATO’s, etc) that I havent rocked in Years….Getting old homie…plus need to stop buying thats HALF the problem right there…

  • Pablo Reyes

    Just now seeing this ??????. I definitely will let my squad know about the give back ??????.