Matt Tomamichel’s Top 25 Sneakers of All Time

Matt-Corporate-Complex-Top-25Matt Tomamichel and his Corporate boutique shop have continually put his city of Cincinnati on the map by providing people with the latest sneakers, fashion, and great customer service. Matt is known to be a “nice guy” amongst his peers, but when it comes down to this sneaker thing, he is a beast.

The good folks over at Complex asked Matt to compile a list of his Top 25 Sneakers of All Time. To check out the full list, click here.

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  • Good stuff, MT.

  • Diverse list. Great Job MT!

  • JB

    don’t agree with the placing of some of them, but overall a dope list

  • Heat

    Great list, bred fours happen to be my favorite pair of sneakers of all time too!