Meet the Nike Epic React Flyknit Running Shoe

nike epic react flyknit running shoe

This is what all the talk is about.

Nike introduces the Epic React Flyknit.

Swoosh teased an image yesterday that got everyone’s attention, especially if you love comfort. When they teased the new cushioning Nike said: “The inspiration for a running innovation that feels like this (without actually looking like this).”

Not even 24 hours later Nike unveils the new shoe. Meet the Epic React Flyknit, the first running shoe to feature Nike React cushioning technology. According to Nike, runners asked for one shoe that could do it all – so this is Nike’s answer to that request.

To add more context, this is what was said exactly: “Runners asked for one shoe that could do it all: offer more cushion from the impact of each stride, give them the energy return needed to stay fresh late in a run, feel light underfoot and also be able to withstand wear and tear of impact and elements run after run. Nike innovators, chemists, engineers and designers came together to deliver a solution in the form of a foam, called Nike React.”

As a runner, of course I’m curious about the Epic React Flyknit. Runners are always searching for the absolute best running shoe on the market, one that allows them to focus on the run and not the shoe. Well, it’s possible I’m speaking for myself, but I think plenty of runners will agree.

Is this Nike’s answer to Boost cushioning? Is the Epic React Flyknit going to takeover 2018? Only time will tell. Everyone who’s interested in this shoe can purchase a pair February 22 on

For a closer look, watch Jacques’ video below.

Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Nike Epic React Flyknit Running Shoe

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  • OGedge

    Just saw these online, lol. They look interesting…. since I don’t like Air Max for running. The one thing I would add is leather on the uppers…. while lightweight is nice, knit is awful when you run in the rain or cold.

  • I’m interested too. What’s your current go-to running shoe?

  • C Brown

    Man…as much as I love the Swoosh…this is why i HATE the Swoosh….damn…let the VaporFly’s breathe before you start to cannibalize there sales….These SEEM like an answer to Boost….and I could be wrong here but Ill speak for myself….Full Boost runners are terrible for long distance or even speed runs…they are GREAT walking shoes…great for everyday nonsense…but i would NEVER run in them as the bounce back is actually TOO much…Nike HAD a winner in the Lunarepics and the POD system…Ran two marathons in them and i LOVE them….Im breaking in my VaporFly’s and man oh man….let me get my F&CK Yea 4% shirt on…those thing are damn near guaranteed to make you faster on your run (only thing holding them back is the $250 retail price)….the Zoom Fly’s…although not as lightweight as the 4%’s are an amazing alternative to the 4% at a great price point…Dont get my started on the Vapor Fly Elites…hands down the BEST RUNNING SHOE EVER…but they are $650 retail…lol…yea im good…..Now this… just seems like every year Nike goes deeper into your pocket to tell you they made something better then last year….and god damn it…they get me every year…….But im good on these…Im pretty sure they are targeting the Boost crowd and not the running crowd with these….

  • OGedge

    My current rotation consists of Nike Free, Zoom Fly and Adidas Pure Boost

  • B.great

    majority of consumers arent athletes, and just want walking comfort , so this shoe or others shoes geared toward marathons might be marginal, i do agree nike is always trying to one up themselves, but boost hit it big in the middle area, most people, and probably those who run occasionally and then those who like boost for style, i think adidas can figure a combination of boost density and application to make it better than the vapor fly, but if the consensus is that boost is better why waste money to do so?

    I ordered crazy light boost, primeknit to play ball in, i tried on the harden vol 1 and i like the feel, so im hoping these are good