Meet the Rayguns Nike Kyrie 3


If you saw this coming then I have so many other questions to ask you about the future.

Kyrie Irving debuted the Rayguns Nike Kyrie 3 last night. The classic Rayguns Nike SB Dunk colorway takes over the Kyrie 3. But why? Is that one of Kyrie’s favorite SB Dunks? Does he just like the colorway? So many questions.

I guess when the time is right Nike Basketball will spill the beans.

Are you feeling this Kyrie 3?

Rayguns Nike Kyrie 3

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  • Imagine Nike doing this to a LeBron back in 2006-2009. Man…

  • DJR

    It’s funny because he played in these last night and I thought my eyes were deceiving me. I said no way does this guy have on some Rayguns. I’d definitely hoop in these but wouldn’t rock them casually.

  • theloverswineverytime

    Dudes would be dead. And even the cops woulda said “Well you know you shoulda been here earlier”

  • theloverswineverytime

    I think Kyrie is a low-key skate dude. I mean, i think i remember reading that somewheres. Could be wrong though..
    But they look aight.

  • javi

    Your probably right because remember you know it all?

  • javi


  • SpecDotSign

    Not feelin em. But man, Awayguns are one of my most sought after SB Lows.