This Meme Perfectly Represents How People React To Dad Swag Shoes

Am I lying though?

Some of you may disagree, but most people are still confused about the dad swag trend. Even more confusion follows when people find out how expensive certain models are.

Without a doubt, the most popular model is the Balenciaga Triple S sneaker. The shoe is so popular that it’s currently sold out everywhere. So yeah, the thirst is real.

I saw this reaction meme and thought it was hilarious. If you’re a fan of the dad shoe trend, do you, baby blue. But let these meme creators get their jokes off because we all have to laugh at fashion sometimes.

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  • curt diggler

    The prices are the reason for the gassed face. Clunky kicks been out forever. Seems like the brands are doing a good job of seeding pairs so folks think everyone likes them, when it’s the same folk pictured wearing them over and over.

  • I agree the price adds to the shock, but I think people are also surprised this is actually a thing. If Nike or JB released something similar people would have had a field day roasting them. The high fashion thing and celeb cosign is the only reason people take this trend serious.

    I get it tho. Some people need a certain cosign to feel like something is cool and that’s exactly why most people are jumping on the wave. Do I think some people really like the shoe? Sure, but very few. Majority are buying into the hype simply because it’s been cosigned as the new cool shoe and they are hard to get.

    It’s just hard for me to imagine pre Internet/celeb hype someone walking into a store, picking up the Balenciaga and saying “yooooooo! these are hard as hell. y’all got these in a size 10?” But I could be wrong. lol

  • theloverswineverytime

    Nope, you right.

  • javi


  • curt diggler

    The balenciaga to a normal person look no worse than some uptempo’s with the gaudy air on the side…I think history saves Nike and the other clunky kicks we excuse

  • sirfresh

    Pair of new balance and you in the game ?

  • We’re talking about individuals who often donate, sell or just dump their clothes after a single wear. They’re always looking for the next thing and to be the loudest, most talked about etc.

    To you sir I introduce the Balenciaga S.

    There is something interesting also about the midsole that looks compiled of other shoes stepped on. It’s the most popular shoe right now right? So where’s the “Did Balenciaga jump over the Jumpman and Yeezy with just an S on it’s chest?”

    I’m waiting G…I know you got us fam 🙂

  • theloverswineverytime

    Uptempos are dope to me though. These here featured in the article are NOT dope to me though ?. Just a matter of preference.

  • curt diggler

    Go head and keep posting articles referring to the balenciaga and you and the other sites will make them rethink shoe of the year

  • javi

    Every uptempo is dope to u hype stop lying ?

  • I walked into a mini-mart last night with my 700 Yeezy Boost waverunners on. This dude almost damn near came on my shoes in excitement. When I told him I didn’t expect that type of reaction since so many people hate the shoe he said “Naw bruh…people are lames! Those joints are like flames, with gasoline and more gasoline”.

    His words, not mine. I was like WTF? That’s not the first genuinely positive and excited reaction I’ve gotten in my “DAD SHOES”.

  • Executive LaF now ? Later

    As a person who actually wore kicks because I genuinely liked them and didn’t wear cool shoes just to fit in I always hated when people gave me compliments for whatever I was wearing and I never held back on telling them that I didn’t need or care for their fuckin excitement.

  • Valid for sure…

    Point of post and how I took his excitement, is that more and more people like them once they see them on feet if they were on the fence or hated them. He said “sick on foot” repeatedly. Later, it turned out he had always liked the “Dad Shoe”, he just didn’t get in on the releases and hadn’t seen them in person on foot yet.

    So while I’m not one to get off on people’s excitement over what I’m wearing, as a UX designer/researcher it’s great to get this real world validation or opposing thoughts from sneakerheads on controversial or highly debatable shoes. That’s all.