Metallic Gold Nike Air Max 97 Returning in 2017


It’s gold time!

Not yet, but it will be soon!

Nike is going all out on behalf of the Air Max line. Truth be told, there’s no telling what else we might see return this year.

According to Sean of Round Two, Nike is bringing back the Metallic Gold Air Max 97 this year. A true classic in the eyes of the people.

However, no release date was confirmed, so stay tuned for more info.

Is the Metallic Gold Air Max 97 a must cop for you?

Images: sean wotherspoon /girlonkicks

Metallic Gold Nike Air Max 97

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  • PsychadelicSavage

    I hope thats a woman that was in that pic. If not, these trends are becoming too much for me

  • DJR

    If I can catch these on sale count me in but not a must cop.

  • Boogaloo Jones

    finally a nice pair of 97s for the year!!!!

  • Ramone Hogan

    Some of my all time favorite AMs! ? Might have to cop another pair!

  • “Nike is going all out on behalf of the Air Max line. Truth be told, there’s no telling what else we might see return this year.”

    They’re definitely going all out but not in the way it’s being described in that phrase or how one may read it. The unfortunate reality is Nike has gone to great lengths to make most all releases thus far even more limited in numbers than a Hyperstrike. Between all UK stores they apparently didn’t get more than 100 or so pairs of the OG AM 1 red and it’s not filtering in that the blue is just as limited.

    Places like END Clothing had only 6 pairs of the OG Red AM 1. Six pairs. All 97’s so far have been ridiculously limited as well. If you look at the kingoftrainers videos for his open letter to Nike and follow the comments all over twitter, gram etc., Nike is playing an extremely dangerous game and I’m not quite sure what their angle or strategy is. I’m hearing about possible restocks but what’s the point of restocks after Air Max Month or Day? Last I checked my brand experience catalog one would think the goal is to own the social conversation around a hashtag and day the brand started and it’s customers supported and use that to leverage more hype but Nike is being killed with negative sentiment right now.

    Have you been in touch with Nike? Following this on twitter etc? If so do you have any thoughts as to why they’re doing this? What the strategy is?

  • YallStillMad LeBron’Em Won

    This was a go-and-get for me last time it retroed and they hung around in stores. I just never got around to ’em. Now, with everybody needing these, i don’t e’en want ’em.