Nike Air Foamposite One “Metallic Red” – TSG Look

In 2012 the Nike Foamposite is going to make other shoes tuck their whole summer in. The highly anticipated Metallic Red Nike Foamposite One will help kick off the year by releasing in February. Gentry Humphrey revealed over the weekend that the red Foamposites will release on February 14, better known as Valentine’s Day. The other release date that has been floating around is February 4. Either way, the Metallic Red Foams are set to release in February 2012. Aside from release info, TSG can now provide you with an up close look at the shoes.

Enjoy the photos, and stay tuned for more updates.

Photography: RayP for

  • Thoughts?

  • Edge


  • @Edge – Not quite.

  • Edge

    ^ damn you G-Roc… you ruined my first… anywho that joints are sexy as hell… and these will be my valentine next year… *starts doing the bankhead*

  • Javon

    so the red bottom ones are fake

  • BigfootNJ

    I need these.

  • @Edge – LOL at doing the bankhead bounce.

  • Royal “Don’t Use the Word” Swag

    Ohhh! They clean, but I live in Cali home of the colors capital. Hmm decisions, decisions.

  • aka11.5

    you already know iam in… pennys 4 life…


    You Already Know!
    I love these, kinda caught me off gaurd with the white accents but, dope none the less.

  • Vince

    Yeah Boy (Grandad from boondocks voice)

  • lol @vince.

  • My girl already got me… Lol releases like this make her life easier during holidays and make mine too =)…

  • lol @ Vince
    These are a must.

  • TorontoComeUp

    these are really really glossy, iunno if i can rock these with jeans, maybe just summer with shorts

  • TreHickey

    Thanks GROC love the shoe but I was looking at other pics online today. I was wondering the line in the middle of the shoe was red or white?

  • super fresh!

  • drool

  • lmao @edge you do the bankhead and I’ll do the george jefferson. Somebody else can do the bernie and we good money. These will be copped

  • Herb T


  • YaY

    copped. these are so hot.

  • i hoping these drop on the 14th this be a great way for me and the misses to spend v day together, cuz she’ll be right next to me tryna cop a pair too.

  • Brooklyn92

    Does anyone know the price tag on these? $160?

  • @Brooklyn92 – Around $220 next year.

  • jayfreezie

    Question g-roc i have seen the same shoe with red highlight accents, so which ones are official…………

  • willworkforkicks

    @Brooklyn92 I think foam ones are usually always 200. If nike gives us a price drop then the end is indeed soon to come.

  • aSh

    Hope the pull tabs lines are red……. But either way who gives a f@<£ these are BANGIN!!!!

  • @jayfreezie – Samples have only been seen so far. Final production should be identical.

  • rebelmindz

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  • Wilfred

    the red is so nice!

  • 901sneakerhead

    Reminds me of the 8 Ball & MJG joint…”just like candy…”


  • Blink Welch

    Crack! I will b getting these! Had to comment on this Roc!

  • Red accents, white accents, I don’t care. I’ll take either. Lol. I do like the White & Red logo on the outsole.

  • It’s only right this colorway was done.Not a fan of all red kicks, but you can’t beat Foams

  • SPINS6136

    I still think the cranberry ones are hotter than these.

    But this is still indeed a beautiful shoe.

    With these dropping before the NCAA tournament, someone at a Nike school BETTER rock these on the big stage.

    I’m talking to you Shabazz Napier!

  • me

    nike just makes money off lost souls..theyre hot but if youve bought every color by now thats about 2 grand. on foams alone.

  • Executive aka Ya real dad.

    Ahh makes me want to eat em. I’m gonna wear red lipstick with them on that’s gonna be the new trend I hear, lipstick to match your kicks lmao!

  • Not a fan of these. I mean they are nice to look at but I would neva cop. They are too glossy for me. Not my thing. Easy pass.

  • Jarvo

    Oh. My. Damn! iWant em Yo!

  • Bware113

    The white accents break up the red. I can dig that. Will copp.

    Galaxy Foam > What the Foam….just sayin.

  • @Bware113 – Co-sign

  • J.Wills

    shoes lookin like candy…Gonna lick em when i cop em like Fat Joe

  • Sneaker Dave… Where ya be?

  • halfbreed


  • atgbryan

    $220? , nike can eat a bag of D’s on that one

  • dope.

  • Man In DC Thats An AutoCop

  • LG


  • Markiemark

    Why don’t they bring back pro’s instead, I’m just saying

  • The Epidemic

    Man that red looks like CANDY! These are a MUST. The older pics didnt really do it for me but im a sucker for quality and that red is flawless.


  • Artie

    What’s up I have a few pairs hit me
    Up with your size.

  • OGmaster

    I have waited 2 years for these to finally drop, and I am glad they (Nike) didn’t eff these up. I will definetly be copping these.

  • foamman53

    How much u want for the ones u selling

  • Mike_Sneekz

    I have also been waiting 2 years for these, y were they pushed back so far, kinda what their doing with the entourage sb, anyways give me 2 perssssssssssss!

  • diamond spriggs

    How many pairs do you have left and how much are they per pair ??

  • 9.5 how much

  • Ray P

    Artie if you have a size 10 I’ll grab them from you. I’ll also get you some sole savers for free for the hook up.

  • artie

    Guys you have to send me an email if you want information or anything then we can set something up. Hit me up with an email and we can talk

  • keenan

    how much will they be in stores

  • kumari

    i want these buh im a size 6, foamposites dont come in kids sizes do they?

  • Foams don’t come in kids sizes but men’s start either size 6 or 6.5. Rare but if you have the cash you’ll be able to cop on eBay for a highly inflated rate.

  • Foamposite Tee

    Man I got 300$ for A size 10. I need them foamz ASAP

  • Do

    Men’s start in size 7

  • Eric

    Yo artie, u got size 11?

  • Wut-on-uh

    What’s up with the white pull tabs and penny logo on the heel?? I liked it better red! And why are the bottoms white? Copping regarless though haha

  • Wut-on-uh

    Nvm I just realized this pic is old. LOL

  • cindy

    I want to get a pair but im a size 6, how can i get them or how will i know they come in a size 6, i want the metllic red coming out in feb 2012.

  • cindy

    anybody knows where i can cop them metallic red size 6 or 6 1/2 email me

  • Danny Fresh

    These jaints hot tho, I already pre-ordered them 🙂 These and the pewters are the only foams I have lol

  • Vanessa

    Any1 have a size 10 in these?? i had them in my cart and nike kicked me off the website bc it was so jammed up. Please email me

  • teddy

    I nneed a size 6

  • Marcos

    10.5’s .. Set a price , never worn!

  • smooth_Loc

    i need a size7 can anyone help me

  • hezus

    whats the next foams thats coming out

  • KingBlauw23

    i need 11.5 any available?

  • Yo nigga, it’s crazy how those last 2 comments are exactly a year apart. even down to the time.

  • Arthur Williams

    How much and I ware A size 6