Michael Jordan Wears One of the Best Air Jordan Releases in a Long Time

michael jordan wearing white cement 4 nike air jordan

Images: @Kustoo

Everything is right in the world when Michael Jordan is back with Nike Air on his feet. This is the reason why a lot of us buy Air Jordans today.

While visiting the JB Pop-up shop in Toronto, Michael Jordan wore a pair of the Nike Air Jordan 4 White Cement retros which release Saturday.

Even though they carry a retail price of $220, expect the retros do to really well. This release is bringing the OG’s out of the would works for at least a pair or two.

I know I’m copping. Are you? Drop a comment down below and share your thoughts.white cement 4 air jordan nike air michael jordan

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  • curt diggler

    when they were new i could dig em, but 20+ years later, i see no big deal besides history…..and i dont buy history sneakers. i notice alot of kicks i liked back then look like crap to me now…oh well

  • Aaron Hall

    Your tastes change as you get older but you can’t knock anyone for liking something.

  • Executive Trapfrican American

    Me and my wife actually won 2 raffles, bloodfire! All that shit I talked about raffles and I actually win the first one I ever entered.

  • curt diggler

    didnt know i was knocking anyone with my comment

  • MikeyDrums86

    Need 2 but ill settle for 1

  • Creep

    lost out on my raffle so it look’s like i’m out.

  • SBedge

    Is Jordan wearing Season 3 already?

  • Fuqa Hypebeast

    My store let me reserve them…

  • Fuqa Hypebeast

    What sizes?

  • Executive Trapfrican American

    13, we one 2 but I just want one pair. Not trying to be greedy.

  • C Brown

    That’s cause this is a massive GR…..pretty much everyone who enters will get a pair

  • Executive Trapfrican American

    I was getting a pair regardless.

  • alexander O’neal

    Ummmm, yes…you were knocking folks, sir.

    ?SIKE. Sabbed ya mind.

  • alexander O’neal

    Now i know these will (well…maybe) be around in stores past the weekend since i got calls from 3 raffles. Lol that usually means that there wasnt alot of entries for the shoe in general.

  • alexander O’neal


  • Still only swooshing one pair… I haven’t even worn my 2012’s. More focused on securing a second pair of black ovo x’s. I was delighted to see they made an attempt to fix that graph paper netting. You have to look close, though.

  • Creep

    Why didn’t he wear the XXX’s?

  • plenty sir, just go out and scoop bro.

  • sirfresh

    mj trying to blend in

  • alexander O’neal

    Mj is a hypebeast lol

  • javi

    Takes one to know one….right hype?

  • javi

    So now you think your special? A special Terrorista lol

  • Creep

    First 2 spots were a no go. Too cold to be running around. I’ll check online or some shit. But I’m striking out left and right. I must be getting old..

  • The app still shows most sizes

  • abck

    Just purchased a pair an hour ago through nike

  • doped up

    I just realized your post lol holy smokes

  • DJR

    Easy cop was happy to get them and them OVO’s.

  • alexander O’neal

    No stress here. Walked in & out with my joints.

    ?SIKE! Dont yall hate when MF’s front like that knowin it was only cake bc they won a raffle? I’m thankful i won a couple to choose from though ?

  • alexander O’neal

    He’s MJ, right? So he coulda got away with rockin the 30 on one foot & the latest retro release (the 4) on the other foot. Why not, rite? ?