Michael Jordan’s Son Responds To Kanye West’s Diss

Michael Jordan's Son Responds To Kanye West's DissWELP! Michael Jordan’s Son responds to Kanye West’s diss.

The Nike and Air Jordan diss heard around the world right before New Years was bound to ruffle some feathers.

In the last hours of December 31st, 2015 Kanye West released FACTS. A song directly aimed at dissing Nike and celebrating adidas’ success.

“Yeezy Yeezy Yeezy just jumped over Jumpman,” rapped the Chicago native.

The song was filled with anything, but facts if you listened to it. Okay maybe the Yeezy Boost jumped over Jordan in terms of hype, but that’s about it.

We don’t expect a response from Mark Parker or Michael Jordan, but someone from the camp did just publicly respond:

marcus jordan responds to kanye west diss

Marcus Jordan, Son of Michael Jordan, found the record to be quite amusing. As we all did, really.

Kanye’s diss track was terrible at best. But it is a great laugh, though. Gotta love West for his entertainment aspect.

For now, this might be the only response on behalf of Nike and Jordan Brand we’ll hear until the next quarter’s earnings reports come in, ha!


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  • EvJurk

    Shoe game sounding like some salty dickriders. sad that jordan cant make a shoe people actually care about unless its a collab

  • You sound like a person who doesn’t know Fact from Fiction. Men Lie, Women Lie, Numbers don’t. Thanks for your opinion tho.

  • Hingle Mcringleberry

    Nike: ***Drops every nike air yeezys in spiteful manner out of no where***

  • kaydot901

    Insert Ray P’s Crying Kim pic!Marcus mad he couldn’t cop!

  • Executive

    Some people didn’t give a shit about adidas until Kanye signed with them.

  • Executive

    That would be funny, mass produce them like a mutha!

  • Biga173rd

    Drop the Yeezy 1 and 2’s Nike in GR and will see who has the last laugh.

  • Aaron Hall

    In the end fierce competition is good for the consumer. Hopefully we will see more collaborations from Jordan and more Yeezys with better accessibility to them. I wouldn’t call his diss track wack but it’s definitely fun to listen to and vibe out with. Damn let that man rock…

  • gotta call a spade a spade… lol its wack. That’s just being real. I’ve bought a few pairs of adidas Yeezys (never bought Nike Yeezys) So def not being Jordan biased.

  • doped up

    I would rather listen to facts than jumpman.

  • Executive

    Release so many pairs that them bitches go on sale.

  • Nike will not drop the yeezy 1 or 2. They don’t need to. Kanye is still just a rapper to them.

    Adidas designs were always weak. We all bought Nike for years because Nilke is doper.

    Yeezy boost 750 and Yeezy Boost 350 are actually very wack looking shoes. They may be comfortable, but design-wise, they are very weak.

    After yeezy boosts, adidas doesn’t have any sneakers most of u sneakerheads really want.

    More people buy Nike over adidas. Fact. Nothing else to argue.

  • oh, and the “Facts” song is super trash. Kanye is washed. Look how he even dresses now smh

  • NO, stop lying. Everyone is only caring about yeezy boost because they can resell them for a profit. That’s all it is. If you cannot make profit from reselling a shoe, it does not mean nobody cares about the shoe. I know sneaker store owners, and Jordans still sell very well (to the final consumer, not resellers).

  • Is this real???

  • They’d muck it up with a huge NIKE AIR on the tongue or sum… STITCHED. LOL.

  • Executive

    That would be funny as fuck.

  • alexander O’neal

    I’m never going to give that song a listen because kanye is about as big of a fucking coon as the guy he’s rapping about.
    But uuuuhh, both MJ’s alone & phil knight’s money are miles longer than kanye’s will ever be.

  • alexander O’neal


  • alexander O’neal

    Mmm hmm…the GOSPEL.

  • Graffiti88

    If Jordan dropped a new model and Kanye dropped a new model which of the two would be more sought after???? I’ll wait.

  • ConnecttheDOTX

    If people have to use your dad to refer to then you don’t matter. #FACTS

  • doped up


  • Nate oNe

    Im still waiting for when the facts start. Come on kids Yeezys can’t even jump over Skechers. This and his sneakers are jokes.

  • alexander O’neal

    Ya can’t blame nike for having such a deep catalog to where they can fall back on the retros. No one else can do that. Is nike still #1, yeah of neah?

  • alexander O’neal

    Idk about other folks. But i have 2 prs of 2010’s, 1 pr 2011’s, 6 prs 2012’s, 3 prs 28’s, 1 pr 29’s. And except for 1 raffle entered for the moonrock 350, i have not even attempted to grab any of the ADi joints.




    Get off Jordan dicc you probably only saw him play with the wizard’s. jordan brand would be equivalent to shaqs with out retros, and h.o.e. (hyped on everything) niggaz like you. when jordan puts out enough to go around they sit. Now that’s FACTS.

  • Thad Greer

    There’s some truth to what you’re saying, but please remember that Nike wasn’t always king. In the majority of the 80’s and even early 90’s, they were chasing both Adidas…AND Reebok.
    While Nike is still the undisputed champ, you have to tip your hat to Adidas’ for their accomplishments as of late. They have Kanye, Y-3, Stella McCartney, the boost line, and the zx/tubular models that are all doing pretty well.

  • Roger_Milla

    Wish I could rep you a 1000 times.The thing that kills me with the pro-Nike crowd is the revisionist history they love to believe in. In the 80s, Adidas was so big, MJ wanted to sign them. Nike bet their whole existence on that man’s success because they weren’t doing great at that time, and you know they’re forever thankful he didn’t turn into that era’s Derrick Rose

    I read some dude say that Adidas catalog wasn’t as deep as Nike and all I could do was chuckle, especially when you realize that adidas outfitted Olympic champions (Jesse Owens, Berlin 1936) long before the cofounder of Nike was born.

  • Roger_Milla

    “After yeezy boosts, adidas doesn’t have any sneakers most of u sneakerheads really want.”

    Superstars, Stan Smiths, Rod Lavers (OG and vintage versions), Pro Models, gazelles, sambas, Top Ten, Forums, ZXs, EQTs, OG Climacool runners, Kobe Retros, Tubular X, Ultraboost.

    Most adidas fans are not into the dick-measuring contest that characterizes much of “the sneaker game.” They get the shoes, beat them up, and buy some more because they ain’t trying to play the fucking stock market of sneakers, and adidas makes sure that their shelves stay stocked with quality-made retros that will not fall apart after a couple of casual wears, nor will they ruin your pockets.

    What’s even more lame about the nikebots is that they seem so salty that adidas has figured out how to create their own hype and steal some of that shine from nike. IMO, that’s petty.

  • alexander O’neal

    Yeah, that was mines. ADi has a great history. I know what they’ve done and are still doing. But the numbers are the numbers. Nike’s been #1 for the last 20+/almost 30 yrs now. And they’ll be #1 at least a few more years…and i’m guessing that that’ll still come primarily from the retros..aka…just one segment of the company’s shoe line as opposed to the other main competitors’ ENTIRE shoe lines. That might not be goin on forever. But it’ll be for a lil’ mo’ while.

  • alexander O’neal

    Alot of what you say there about “nikebots” is agreeable. I like nike shoes. I favor more of what they’ve done than i do of what ADi has done. But, if ADi was #1, folks not-so-in davor of nike would be talking about how “ADi is #1, look at the numbers!”
    Only thing is, its Nike that is #1. Thats not up for opinion or objectivity.

  • alexander O’neal

    Lol. This whole comment thread is reading like a Lebron James hate-session (whoah! How’d that get in there…?). Folks don’t want to acknowledge the best when the proof is right there in front of you but are quick to mention what it would be like “IF this woulda happened” or “IF that woulda happened” like that’ll somehow change the results.

  • George Lesaine

    Fuck Kanye West.. He only makes limited amount of kicks, of course the shits are gonna sell out..drrrrrr

  • elhambone

    lame millionaire fight..not paying attention….

  • poisoned___well

    Precisely…Consortium, OBYO, the whole damn EQT line….yea, the brand dawning the triple stripes is not to be slept on.

    And uhhh, isn’t the Superstar one of the most iconic sneaker silhouettes of all time?

  • poisoned___well

    Truisms…other than the runners, the average mofo purchasing anything Boost related pays no mind to the technological significance of the Boost tech…

  • yomama

    People don’t refer to you at all though.

  • Biga173rd


  • ConnecttheDOTX

    That’s because me and your mama are keeping it on the low.