Mizuno Wave Rider 1 for Highsnobiety

Mizuno Wave Rider 1 for Highsnobiety…

mizuno wave rider 1 for highsnobiety

Oh snap! TSG is posting about Mizuno. Long overdue, my friends.

Truth be told, there are a lot of brands that should be covered on this blog. I’ve always enjoyed posting stuff other sneaker blogs don’t post and highlighting new footwear.

In this case, there’s nothing new about Mizuno. If the name Hikmet Sugoer rings a bell, you’ve been around for years. He’s helping Mizuno out with his creative efforts for it’s RB Line. To what extent, I have no idea. Perhaps I’ll reach out for more info. Yes, perhaps.

Hikmet revealed the Mizuno Wave Rider 1 for Highsnobiety, the OG streetwear/fashion blog. However, he didn’t reveal too much info like how much retail is or where you can buy a pair.

He did mention the collab drops end of April in limited numbers.

With OG runners crushing the game right now, I can definitely see this model being very popular… which means a lot of people might be coppin’ their first pair of Mizunos soon.

What are your thoughts on the Wave Rider 1 and this particular colorway?

Mizuno Wave Rider 1 for Highsnobiety

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  • FYI the Wave Rider is up to number 21.

    Imo, it’s not much to dislike about this shoe unless you’re not a fan of the colorway. Model def reminds me a several OG runners.

  • Executive

    Are my comments showing up??

  • Yep

  • Executive

    What was the issue?

  • Not sure. Probably you’re trash Internet or phone LMAO

  • Executive

    Daaaaaayum! ? I’m surprised you can get internet in the south. ?

  • curt diggler

    they dont look bad…it’s just the way my gear is set up, a pair of mizunos wouldn’t work….but if Kanye wore em…..lol

  • Lmaoooooo

  • Lol. Nah you can pull these off. Hell, we all can. OG runner ish.

  • DJR

    I do like these but probably wouldn’t cop unless they were like 50 bucks or less.

  • LMFAO…hahaha…wow G

  • LMAO