N7 Nike KD 6

n7 nike kd 6 vi

N7 + Nike KD 6…

That was quick! It seems like the N7 KD 5 just released, and now we already have a first look at the N7 KD 6. I’ll let the photos do the talking because I could easily turn this into a N7, N7, N7, N7, N7, N7 freestyle. Ha! Stay tuned for the release date, pricing, and all that jazz. Let us know what you think about this colorway in the comment section.

n7 nike kd vi 6

n7 nike kd vi

n7 nike kd vi sole

Images: Sole Up

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  • SG

    Great.. They’re gonna be calling these south beach and they’ll be hyped as f***

  • MAN they are dropping KD colorways like he won the Championship!!! They are pushing kobe out the door. I do like a lot of these going to have to hit up the nike Connect to get a few.

    Lastly G-ROC you are the man keep doing your thing!!!

  • I like this color scheme and the design aspect but I just can’t get with the kd 6 look.

  • g.know?

    therye killing it w/the colorways for the KDVI..but too bad its the KDVI

  • These Go In. Does Alot Of People Have These ??

  • Dang I like these they hot