NBA All-Star Sneakers: Best of the Best

nba all star game 2013

The NBA All-Star Weekend is fast approaching and the line-up is looking really solid this year: Nike, Jordan Brand, Reebok, SUPRA, and adidas.

Each brand offers their own flavor for the Houston event with each looking different from the next.

adidas highlights their shoes with variations of the camo print, Jordan Brand takes the night vision theme, Nike continues their galaxy theme with the “Area 72” collection, Nike Basketball does the same with interrestrial themed sneakers, Reebok brings out a three pair Kamikaze release, and last but not least, SUPRA teams up with Bun B and Houston Sneaker Summit on a two-pair release.

What’s your favorite All-Star themed sneaker for 2013?

adidas basketball all star

air jordan all star

nike all star area 72

nike basketball all star pack

reebok kamikazi all star


(Available now at Packer Shoes)

supra the trill all star

supra the trill all star

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  • Mars Blackmon

    The LeBron’s are the best hands down

  • JB

    Toss up between the Kobe’s and KD’s!

  • KP

    Damn shame that the supras are the best looking shoes pictured.

  • DeathOverDesigner

    @KP Really? That’s an interesting opinion, dont get me wrong the supras are dope, but there are definitely some gems in this years all star line up. The LeBrons are tough!

  • Dre23

    Houston Rockets kamikazes

  • Mamba

    The Kobes>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • I like the LeBron and the Kobe. 2013 is not as impressive as previous years.

  • Prestige

    Jordan’s all star collection is weak

  • Dodger

    Honestly im not impressed with any of this years all star shoes. They gotta do better for next year!

  • aSh

    @DeathOverDesigner I think KP means it’s the best picture… the other ones you really cant see the shoe details that well… LEBRONS ALL THE WAAAAAAY!!!!!

  • MikeyDrums86


  • This year’s Nike all-star pack is not bad, its just not as hot as last year’s.

  • Kicks on Parade

    1. KD
    2. Lebron’s
    3. Kobe
    4. CB Hybrid
    5. Air Force Max

    The rest of the sneakers are for those who couldn’t obtain the top 5 I listed.
    You know who you are. Keep picking up the scraps. LoL

  • omar najeeb

    @DeathOverDesigner…..that comment u were answering ddnt need any damned acknowledgement. Nothing but someone wanting attention for dumb opinion!! Don’t worry bout it! Anyhoo….
    Air force max’s, kobes, & kd’s are imperial. Da ‘brons? Ehh…they aight. Jordan collectio…no thank u. B’bye!!

  • Sole Serious

    Barkley Posites and Air Force Max’s…..that’s about it.

  • AirJedi

    This years All star pack is way better that last year.Last year the Brons 9 were too plain,kobes was just a galaxy print and the kd ???? This year pack is well done.Every sneaker has his unique touch.Last year was the first year they did the galaxy theme and that is the only reason some people things they are better because was the first time….only my opinion.Luck to those are looking to coop!!…for me nike air force max and Brons!!!

  • Executive

    Barkley max are very nice, not over the top but just right.

  • bdogg

    not saying this will happen but i would find it hilarious after all this as it is mj’s bday if all nike/jordan guys rock jays on i said not saying it happens but would be cool and funny for all the dudes doing cart-wheels to cop the galaxy packs!

  • Lem

    AJ XX8’s

  • Tr3b3

    Supra=awful. They look ridiculous compared to all the others