Never Too Late To Join: New Balance Numeric

The popularity of skateboarding sneakers has risen in the past decade and last month, New Balance announced that they were joining the skateboarding division with New Balance Numeric.

They previewed their first model through their Instagram account, what is to be known as the Stratford 479, which is what we can expect to be the first of many.

It will be interesting to see what New Balance Numeric has under their sleeve in the future as New Balance has established themselves as a credible brand that constantly maintains quality among all of their releases. One special thing to note is that New Balance has often seen collaborations and plenty of themed releases in the last year alone. Skateboarding sneakers have also been used as representations of collabs and themes (as Nike SB and SUPRA have shown), so there may be a lot of potential in collaborations pertaining to New Balance Numeric (here’s hoping for a Jeff Staple collab).

What are your expectations of New Balance Numeric?

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  • FiGHTiNG_iRiSH

    clean kicks

    have to cop

    from New Balance accounts


  • I like, I like. Should be stellar materials, I expect nothing less New Balance.

  • QAEv

    i expect better from NB. they could have designed better lookin tooling for the # models. as for the uppers…. it jus looks like a slightly altered 574