New Balance 575 “White Pigeon” Release


For over a year now, Jeff Staple has worked with New Balance on a very tight-lipped New Balance 575 V2 model called the “White Pigeon”. It’s a very different approach in mixing the colors of the original iconic colorway of, grey/light grey/white/pink. This time the shoe is not dominated by grey (only a hint on the toe box mudguard leather layer and the NB logo) but with a Moyen White on suede. Not your ordinary white either. This pigment was one of the 29 colors that the Romans of Pompeii used to paint on architecture.

The second most prominent color is true white on the toe box, tongue, side panel mesh areas and midsole. Pink is represented on the inner lining, sole, new balance side panel logo and heel text logo. Than, finishing off the shoe with a neutral grey for the side panel leather. These colors, in combination, mimic the rare and minority “White Pigeon”. Some details include, pigeon droppings on the right hand insole and a white silhouette of a standing pigeon with some Japanese characters behind the tongue tag.

Hit the jump for pictures of the campers, and detailed photos of the shoes.

This release is limited to 1,077 worldwide and 26 retailers (prior release counts; Nike Dunk SB low “Pigeon” = 150, New Balance 575 “Pigeon” = 800). Atmos, Hectic, and Mita were the first release on Tuesday and they all sold out in 30 minutes. Next up, Reed Space NYC on Tuesday. The rumored allocated pairs for NYC first day, 40 to 50. Still no accurate info on that, but it seems like more because they will get another shipment by the end of the week. Everyone who couldn’t beat the campers yesterday, still have a chance to own a piece of history and a very nice addition to anyone’s sneaker collection.

*Note that Barneys (LA) will get shipments by the  end of this week or possibly next.

Style code: M575JWP – Colorway: Medium Moyen – Year of release: 8/18/2009 -Box Price: $175



At 3:45 p.m.; There were a few campers when I arrived.


6:44 p.m.; Some more people started to show up.


1:48 a.m.; List was at 30 by this time. Some people from Philly drove here . A few are sleeping here and in some parked cars.


7:23 a.m.; Getting up to get some breakfast. List was at 43 at this time.


12:10 p.m.; Everyone decide to cross the street because of the 90 degree sun hitting where the line originates.


12:37 p.m.; The store is opening and everyone rushed back to the line.


12:37 p.m.; The line is about 50 long. Look at the beaming sun.


12:40 p.m.; Jeff Staple’s partner taking pictures of the window and the line.


1:08 p.m.: Success after a 20+ hour camp out.


This was obviously an easy camp out and my first. How people do week long camp out’s, I’ll never understand. Props to all of you that do that type of campout. I couldn’t do it and I don’t know if I’ll do it again. Thanks to Jonas for keeping it civil by starting a list and to Mo from Harlem, E from Atmos, and Tim from the east side (all four pictured above in order) for keeping me company and sane. This is an experience I’m never going to forget.











As you can see from the pictures, the original images released didn’t do this sneaker justice when compared to the above real life photos. The detailing, suede (so buttery), and fit is impressive to say the least. Congratulations to all that got a pair and good luck to all trying to get one from the next batch.


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  • Nice colorway but doubt I’ll ever get a shot at getting these…..

  • Jeff Staple

    I am stupid. I will not come out with anything, BUT pigeons. I have no other ideas but to create everything with pigeons.

    Look out for my depends x pigeons collab this coming fall.

  • zeeshan

    DAMM all that for some pigeaons big ups to whoever stayed 20+ hours and big ups to vigrant for al the detailed pics …

  • aSh

    Man 20hrs is really not that bad… longest campout was 4 days!!!!

  • NYC!!! Nice post and nice pick up vigrant

  • Blackout313

    I see alot of people copped 2 pair. Thats messed up. What about the people that actually wanted them? And camping out? I dont know about those dudes but i work. I cant afford camping out. Remember everytime you camp out or list you kicks for a stupid amount you put salt into the game and you drop your chances of finding what you want for the low. Just a thought.

  • No one was allowed to buy 2 or I would have bought a second to put on ice. The first guy in the picture from your left, got his second through another way.

  • yay more effin pigeon shoes…yawn

  • frank



  • LMC

    “To much hype man”
    Remove that Pigeon logo and these would be on sale for $30

  • Wtf for some pigeons

  • @LMC; You know, they were a bit more than what I expected to pay, but the quality on these FAR surpasses many shoes on the market today. With or without the staple brand, if these were released with the same quality materials, they would be a hit on there own. Look at the recent Nike releases. A lot of them have terrible materials. I have had the Air Max 1 QS “Varsity Blue” since June, have worn them 4 times and noticed cracking/chipping around one side of the air bag last night. Mind you, I paid $100 for these, but still didn’t expect them to crack THIS soon. You wont see that happening on this shoe anytime soon.

    :not directed at you LMC:
    Some people may dislike NB for all the wrong reasons or any other company for the matter. It goes to show that there’s a difference between someone understanding the mentality behind a brand (not so popular) as opposed to loving just one or 2. <–To me that's HYPE all on it's own.

  • Alex

    “To much hype man”
    Remove that Pigeon logo and these would be on sale for $30

    Nd the thing is didnt have much hype but $175 is an eye opener (especially for new balance i’d be damned if i drop 100 for them)

    They lose points if they tried to put sb laces on em

  • lex

    damn im lookin cute n im bummy wit my work clothes (yankee fitted, brown tee, light blue jeans n sum cooked timbs) lolz

  • NZA36

    i like em but not that damn much

  • Blackout313

    I feel its mos def a re-seller fail. And the shoe is hella hyped. I just wish staple would stop the wole lobster thing. Id rather them do something else.

  • k

    i showed up outside reed space at noon and they opened at 1. i was number 40 something in line, and i got my pair in my size. the shoes look real clean in person, price was a little steep, still struggling with the idea of paying 175 for a pair of new balances, but they’re really dope. doesnt matter if the pigeon is there or not, its a dope colorway, and the materials are ill.

  • SEP


  • sikkk wit it!!!!

    lame Hypebeasts!!!

  • Big Meat 34

    these niggaz is buggin….campin out for New Balance?…I’ll camp out for the yeezy’s and even the space jams…but new balance….not on the warmest spring day!

  • Rah A.K.A young mayor

    if you guys cant camp out whos fault is it if you dont have the money to buy them whos fault is that i work full time and im a sneaker collector and i still camp out and the materials make a big difference and the pigeon does make a big difference loosers especially for us new yorkers that live among these flying rats and the lobsters is a good conept ya niggaz need to stop hateing for real man and vagrant i was the guy that was there with my wife in the suv big up to u i respect a man that can come out and camp out with us instead of showing up for an hour and writing about it i still camp out but not that serious since i am a vet in the game but from time to time i still go because this is what i love sneakers big ups to LAVISHLIVEZ.COM AKA PAULIE SNOOZ AND THE SHOE GAME .COM FOR ALWAYZ KEEPING SHIT INTERESTING.

  • Rah A.K.A young mayor


  • lunatic


  • @Rah A.K.A young mayor: Thanks! Ooooo, yeah I remember you. Wow 3 pairs! Crazy. I would buy another pair if I can get my hands on it when they release again this week.

  • Aurel Secs

    mad props to people who camped out and gettin what they like, not my kinda thing but if it makes you guys happy thats all it matters!

  • Rah A.K.A young mayor

    Vagrant let me know when they release again they shipment should be in soon and ill pick it up for you the price is steep tho lol

  • Chevyboy

    9 times outta 10 you can’t find somebody who works full time and can STILL camp out for sneakers…I’m one of those who can’t. It’s not that we don’t have the money to get the kicks, but our jobs just don’t allow us to camp out for sneakers that we want. And when we see people have 3 or 4 pair, we automatically assume that you got them to resell. If that’s what you wanna do, then fine…do you. But personally, I can do without the rape prices from you hypebeasts! Some of us ARE real sneakerheads though, don’t get it twisted!

  • LMC

    I’m not doubting New Balance’s quality in terms of materials, I’m a big NB fan and 9/10 there shoes are far better quality than Nike, but if these shoes where a general release or even a somewhat limited release and had no affiliation with Staple or had a pigeon logo on, not one person on the planet would of camped for them and they would definatley hit the sales racks a few weeks after release.
    Nearly ever shoe NB releases that isn’t released in incredibley small numbers goes on sale, regardless of how good they are in terms of looks or material quality.
    Tbh these are a fairly nice shoe and something I’d of probabley picked up for abour £20 a few weeks after release (if they where GR release), but there really nothing amazing, Pigeon on them or not.
    Each to there own though, as long as you like them and arn’t simply blinded by the hype

  • @LMC: I agree with u on all you said. I wouldn’t have camped if it was a limited release because I know I would be able to find it. I originally wasn’t going to camp, only take some photos, but when I saw only 5 people, I said “Why not camp. Let me experience this first hand. ”

    Personally, I really like the shoe more now, than I did when they were announced. After finally having them and really looking at the shoe and it’s details, I can’t stop thinking how good this shoe looks overall. Props to Staple.

  • MarQee

    @lmc i agree too it mostly couldve been the hype with the piegon and i have nvr really camped out for longer than a day eithr vagrant lmao to me shoes are judged based on quality colors and if they flow well and if they looked and feel good on my feet people should think for themselves and not be blinded by others thoughs its your feet your opinion and your style

  • T-LoC

    I’m the guy in the Blue button-up and slacks…sorry I had to skip the line like that fellas and get my boy a 2nd pair. No offense to my fellow sneaker enthusiasts that traveled to get your pair’s, cuz I know what it’s like to camp out for the kicks that you want. Like I said when it came to go in though, my name was on the list before it was made anyway!

  • Pyrophilly

    Nice little article vagrant.

  • 20 hours is lite work.. if they woulda dropped ne where in fla or ga I guarantee it woulda been a 3 day campout.. i promise bc u already kno i woulda started that line too… -Ant aka #1 on every line every time

  • bulldogskoleff

    just wanna put it out there that i strolled into reed space today and got my pair, so for anyone who camped out that sucks for you

  • DJ BRoham

    NB’s OVER SB’s