New Nike SB Dunk Highs That Say Nike SB On the Side

New New.

Some people still don’t know the difference between regular Dunks and SB Dunks. If you’re one of those people who feel the need to explain yourself when wearing SB Dunks, these Dunks are for you.

Both Dunks feature Nike SB branding on the side so you don’t have to tell people you’re wearing SBs. Ha! Only if Nike released this concept 10 years ago. That’s not to say these aren’t fresh because both Dunks are clean and appear to feature quality leather.

I just remember the days of regular Dunk vs Nike SB Dunk.

You can grab either colorway by clicking here.

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  • OGedge

    Patent leather? It’s like they’re trying hard to make horrible shoes

  • Oh wow! I had no idea that was patent leather. I had to look several times. y tho? smh

  • DJR

    These would look better without the Nike SB branding imo.

  • Executive LaF now ? Later

    Lets make a clean shoe and then completely ruin it with a GAWDAMN sbnike symbol!

  • theloverswineverytime

    Its damn near a regular-ass dunk. No extra padding for the collar or the tongue. I do like the patent leather on em though

  • theloverswineverytime

    Btw, did grab the Mulders from nike factory on clearance ?

  • curt diggler

    Nike ain’t learn yet that minimal branding is sometimes best…but at least now I know it’s a dunk

  • sirfresh

    I think I’ll cop use that good ole discount

  • theloverswineverytime

    They look pretty good to me, especially the reds. Only thing though these damn-near a regular dunk since they got ’em all anorexic with no fat tongue or extra-padded collar.

  • javi

    Calm down hype