Nike Air Command Force Retro 2014 Preview


Classics on the come back.

Due out around Holiday 2014 the Nike Air Command Force Retro is sure to bring back memories. Famously known for being worn in the movie “White Men Can’t Jump,” we have a preview of the OG colorway being retro’d as well as a Black / Teal / Pink colorway courtesy of SNKRBX. Below we have included an image of the original Nike Air Command Force so you can see the retro is quite similar. It will be incredible to see these kicks grace the NBA and NCAA courts as they once did in the 1990’s. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

Are you excited for the retro of the Nike Air Command Force? Comment below.


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  • 23edge

    not excited… I would prefer Dwayne Wayne’s infrared VI’s instead (with Nike Air on the back)

  • Nikeinda(well u know)

    Throwback to the era of super hi-top kicks ’90/91…

  • I need these. I live for nike basketball!!

  • fuck i’m excited. FINALLY ITS REALLY HAPPENING

  • omar najeeb

    ^^^ That’s wutdaphuk I’m talkin’ ’bout! Lol

  • Executive aka The Wrong One

    Big man shoe.

  • gurf

    That black pair is a must cop. I need to find a pair of those throwback Wesley Snipes shorts to rock with them

  • ^ you talking bout Jogger Shorts right? lol

  • oldschoolrulz

    Yessss…. it’ls bout to get real.

  • Executive aka The Wrong One

    @garf, please don’t! Lmao! The biker shorts with the big man shoes on.

  • B-Camp

    I’m ready for these to drop!!!

  • just a person named Joe

    Bro I think the Nike hypemachine is gonna fck this smooth up for everyone. Super limited. 10,0000000 million stories from blogs(TSG is good about not hyping kicks up though, no dickride intended). Then the resellers are gonna have a field day if they put the pump in these. They retailed for $180 in the 90s. So it’s sad for the price point now. If there’s a pump.

  • shoe guy

    pump up nikes….kooooool

  • Chevyboy

    I wonder if the pump is functional. Who am I kidding…I don’t care! I gotta have these. Thank you Nike…up next, AF 180 pump (I hope).

  • Rrr

    Not excited, get out of here with that wack ass d wade slipper nonsense and let classics enjoy their billy hoyles, son. Nowgettobed.

  • Mike

    I’m excited and these are hot shoes and colors. I was in 11th grade when they first came out. But when I was looking for them I couldn’t find them. We didn’t have internet then lol
    I wonder if guys are gona wear these for casual???