Nike Air Foamposite One All-Star Northern Lights Official Look

nike air foamposite 2016 all-star on foot-2

Images: Sole Classics.

Nike Air Foamposite One All-Star Northern Lights release date is February 12th. Retail price is set at $250.

UPDATE: Nike provides an official look at the All-Star Foams. Check out the photos on Page 2.

NBA All-Star 2016 weekend takes place in Toronto. Nike translates the Northern Lights theme for the annual All-Star collection.

The Northern Lights are actually the result of collisions between gaseous particles in the Earth’s atmosphere with charged particles released from the sun’s atmosphere. Variations in colour are due to the type of gas particles that are colliding.
– University of Tromsø

Here’s your first look at the All-Star Foams. The shoes feature a teal and blue upper with 3M hits and a blackout sole.

Retail price is set at $250. Stay tuned for an official look and release information soon.

 Nike Air Foamposite One All-Star Northern Lights

Black/Green Glow-Fierce Purple
Release Date: February 12, 2016
Price: $250

nike air foamposite 2016 all-star on foot-1

On Foot images via Sole Classics

nike air foamposite 2016 all-star on foot

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  • Executive ColdBlood da Pimp

    Arab stores in the hood doing raffles I heard.

  • DuRo

    These are the cheapest looking foams ever, why do they look dry, lol

  • SBedge

    except you can’t see the northern light in Toronto…

  • Mr. FunkySoulFresh


  • right LOL

  • pretty excited canada gets TRASH lmao. Go USA!

  • Aaron Hall

    They’re cool but I’m sure people gonna pheen for them.

  • alexander O’neal

    If that’s a flat 1-D print instead of some irridescent-type stuff, i put these right DOWN there with them WM (uuuhh…that’s Waste Management, y’all) weathermans & asteroids joints.

  • I wasn’t feeling at first but those lace tips got me… Incredible.

  • Don’t play yourself… these will be sold out before the Holidays.

  • sharpie

    Can’t wait to find these at Ross!

  • SpaceAcexNYC

    LMAOO!! Wait.. you are serious?

  • SpaceAcexNYC

    Effing Gross!

  • Laced Heat

    worst concept to represent the city of Toronto. Considering you can’t even see the northern light from The city Nike put the northern lights on the insoles of the Air max 1 and now these? who’s over there at nike coming up with these designs and concepts? I’m surprised they didn’t make one based on igloos as most Americans seem to think we all live in igloos up in Canada

  • don’t gotta be fresh to sell out. Look at the Yeezy 2

  • Mark my words…. these WILL be gone before Christmas…. ????

  • Nah…. looks like the designer smoked a bowl and decided to quit right before submitting this to the PM…. just my humble opinion…


    I don’t complain about the foam price .. I like these. 250 is wild tho, but foams last years and years.

  • I wish people would stop buying foamposites so Nike would lower the price then i would be able to get a pair

  • Lickmysneakers

    agreed. the tech makes it so they dont crease heavy at all and if there is color ware its the sole and not really the shoe.

  • Lickmysneakers

    hahaha good way to put it. “yeah give them Canadians these left overs LOL”

  • C Brown

    Black sole just killed it….If they were ice or even glow in the dark I’d be all in

  • Graffiti88

    I think they hot. Best foams I’ve seen in a minute. Idc if the concept is flawed or whatever they look really good imho.

  • doped up

    Only northern lights I know about is that LOUD!

  • Fuqa Hypebeast

    Str8 trash IMO. Galaxys were the peak for all star foams.

  • Mater

    Hopefully an easy pick up

  • alexander O’neal

    Welp, tried for ’em. And propmtly struck-the hell-out. Lol, oh well.
    CEMENT 4’s ARE UP, BABY!!!