Nike Air Foamposite One “Knicks” – Release Date

When the Nike Air Foamposite One “Knicks” was first spotted back a few months ago; it was thought to be a Spike Lee exclusive only. We now have word that the Knicks colorway will release to the public. It’s not a surprise that it’s releasing though since a few celebrities like Wale and DJ Clark Kent already have their pairs.

Mark your calendars because the Nike Air Foamposite One “Knicks” is scheduled to release on March 3rd. The retail price is set at $220.

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Nike Air Foamposite One “Knicks”

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  • DeathOverDesigner


  • Prestige

    Idk why, but Ive just never understood the hype for foams. PASS.

  • Executive

    I wish they start making foams for kids.

  • I’m probably the only one that’s not even excited.

    These do nothing for me and i’ve never been a fan of knicks cw’s .

    I do want an orange foam one though, but like that sort of burned metallic orange that some people paint their cars.

  • Justin

    What is the logo on the right shoe?

  • Mamba

    @merlotdowndirtyshame you not the only one, I’m not hyped for these either

  • SPINS6136


    It’s the “40 Acres” logo.

    For Spike’s “40 Acres and a Mule” production company.

  • Chief1

    @ Justin-that is the logo for Spike Lee’s film company 40 Acres and a Mule.

  • YaY

    Nahh I’m good on foams. Nike overdoing it and the anticipation of foams died out for me since the galaxies.

  • B2sick

    Damn best foams since the Coppers imo

  • dotsupreme

    people complain about foamz…nobody said you had to buy every pair

  • dotsupreme

    o and i have not bought a pair of foamz sense like 09 jets will be my first sense then now these and the whites cannot wait

  • Chevy Boy

    Must cop for me.

  • omar najeeb

    Thanx nike for makin dble barrels necessry at campouts for this one. Luv u.

  • aSh

    Yesssssss that will make getting the Dolphine Lebron Xs sooooo much easier!! Thank u Nike on that one… cause I am straight on these Mac-n-Cheese foams…

  • MIKE


  • JoJo

    these the kraft mac and cheese foams lol, but they will sell out in the first 10 mins no lie.

  • Vincent

    Take that spike lee stuff off and these are a definite!

  • omar najeeb

    Yeah i’ont kno why nike made that orange so damn pale. Its kinda yelo-orange I gues. Still like em, want em, etc.

  • Adam Levine

    Damn yo these blue box macaroni and cheese joints are fiya! Ima cop erry size and sell em all! Swag swG