Nike Air Foamposite One White/White – Detailed Look

Nike-Foamposite-White We received word that the all-white Nike Air Foamposite One will actually release alongside with the “Knicks” colorway. And it looks like new detailed images of the White/White colorway has finally surfaced. There is not much to say about this Foamposite except that it sports a tonal white upper that will be perfect in the summer weather.

It’s then finished off with a translucent outsole to complete the look. Expect the Nike Air Foamposite One to hit select NSW retailers on March 29th.

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Images: Sole-UP

  • Nikeindabutt

    Why anyone wearing a 9 & ^ would consider rocking these is beyond me…st8 clown boot. Curious to see the outcome when age/dirt sets in and they become a putrid shade of yellow.

  • mask

    never liked foams. I have a soft spot for the pearl pros but thats really it.

  • Executive

    I bet all the guys who do custom kicks are gonne eat these up!

  • Mamba

    These will be the first pair of foams I purchase. Never really been a fan of them, but I like these

  • omar najeeb

    Same as any all-white pair o kix. They get lil dirty, wipe em off real quik. That all! Lol (or not really funny, but) guess there should jus be no all-white kix since th’ll oxidize, get dirty too quik, sole turns yello after 9 yrs, etc. They will still be gone faster than I can finish putting in this comment!

  • Royal “no longer call me” swag

    I’m Feelin tempted but gotta have them in my hands first for last review before I purchase them. Everyone is complaining about them getting dirty I’m only wearing them during the summer. This is a summer foamposite sneaker.

  • jojo

    Lots of hate on these, cool. Easier to cop. Idk why so many complaints about keepin’ em clean. I can keep white on whites fresh for months.

  • i have kept dunks and j’s clean for years. if you cant keep em clean you dont need em,

  • malek boyd

    Although I am a foamposite lover I hate these I think these are a disgrace to foams

  • secrag

    Cool… Since nobody is gonna grab them, ima walk in n cop easily… IF i dont get the HE GOT GAMES, these will be mine

  • omar najeeb

    @a boogie
    Now see! That’s wtf I’m talkn bout! That $#!t u jus said, make the ret of these cry-babies undrstnd! Salute

  • shoe guy

    I love fomes THEY ARE TOOOO WHITE… look ugly..

  • sneakerguy69

    these are ok..but seriously no mo foams for a while