Nike Air Foamposite Pro “Army Camo”

Last week, a teaser photo of the Army Camo Foams hit the web. It was reported that it was a Foamposite One, but today we discovered that the Army Camo version is actually a Air Foamposite Pro. So far we know that Nike Sportswear has plans to release two different camo Foamposites in 2013, and at this point we would not be surprised if they release a Desert Camo Foamposite.

If we catch wind of another camo edition or new Foam colorway, we will definitely inform you. As for the Army Camo Foams, there’s currently no release date, so stay tuned for more updates. via SU

Take a closer look below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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  • Shane D.

    Looks like customs to me.

  • MM

    ^^Was thinking the same thing but I kinda like them.

  • aSh

    What…. The…. F@ck… Happened?
    The sneak peak looked soooooooo promising… Whelp… this saves me some $$$ cause these look like sh!t…

  • Jay

    I thought this was a Foamposite One? Foam One would look better IMO.

  • omar najeeb

    I’m wit the 1st two. Kinda look like customs off the c’drops. They still dope tho. If these do rellease I jus hope pple don’t go roc’n them wit camo pants. Jus don’t do it!!

  • Hankybobspanky

    If the camo was done in a more subtle way, like with a finish like on the pine greens or something they’d be alright, but that is just way too clear and cartoony.

  • fauxnews

    ha ha looks like something The Rock’s character should wear in that new GI Joe movie

  • sek

    yuck wtf?!

  • Beanz

    When did they start putting penny’s logo on pros? Though the pros were for other nike reps and ones was penny’s line.

  • 11_Spacejams


  • Executive

    Might be the first foam to be on a sales rack since before these hybeasts! If that made any sense.

  • I don’t care what anybody says these are better than those fighter jets.. these are niceee..

  • carter

    how much are they?