Nike Air Foamposite Pro “Camo” – Release Date

May 20, 2013 | 16

Nike-Foamposite-Pro-CamoTen…HUT! The next Nike Foamposite to step in the front line is another camouflage colorway. But this time, this Foamposite uses a woodland camo pattern and is complemented with volt accents. It’s then finished off with a gummy bottom outsole.

The Nike Air Foamposite Pro “Camo” will hit select retailers on June 8. The retail price is set at $250. Let us know if you’re planning on picking up a pair.

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Nike Air Foamposite Pro

Nike-Camo-Foamposite Nike-Foamposite-Pro-Camo-Release-Date Nike-Camo-Foamposite-Pro Nike-Camo-Foams Nike-Foamposite-Camo-Release-Date Nike-Foams-Camo Nike-Green-Camo-FoamsImages: prc.kicks

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Comments (16)

  1. pass, and that price point is killing people. people will buy it tho

  2. That slow death of pros &1s I was talkin about?…..Um…Yeah, that’s it.

  3. aSh

    Wait…. $250…. for foams… I was gonna buy this but not for $271.00 (that’s after tax) man wtf????

  4. ^^^”Drop date, cop d….wait a minute!! Lol

  5. nick

    you still making comments on everyone’s comments? OMAR. funny you said that i make comments on people’s comments and that was after one article but on every article here your no life ass is here making a comment on everyone’s comments. damn dud do you spend all day online or something?

  6. $250? Nah… I’ll stay in chuck-posite-ville. Rent too damn high over there…

  7. gee

    From $235 for the jet fighter camo to $250 for army camo
    Dam the U.S Air Force got no respect form nike

  8. ^^word. i’ll prolly skip these though unless they fall in my lap like the fighter jets did. like em just don’t have money like i used to.

    @omar word bond!

  9. Executive aka NFG

    Lol these are dodo with extra sauce of dodo on top.

  10. P

    This shit is really gettin out if hand. Foams will reach $300 retail.

  11. shoe guy

    these are better than the gay cow jet fighters but still not fro me..

  12. sneakergamedone

    TERRIBLE *Charles Barkley*

  13. MerkurPosite

    I really like the nod to the U.S. armed forces with these and the Fighter Jets, but I definitely don’t like the completely unnecessary price hike.

    If they were the (much) earlier Foam Pro Retro price of $190 AND I could walk in and get a pair without a fuss, I’d probably cop. But I’m not camping out to drop $250 for these. Just not happening. These prices are getting out of hand. As much as I love my Fighter Jets, $235 was really pushing it. What’s next…a Navy or Marines version for $275? Again, I’d dig the concept, but if these Army Pros sell well, you know another price hike is going to happen.

  14. Yawuh

    -___________- 250 im doneee

  15. @shoe guy

    watch yo mouf bout fighter jets bytch.

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