Nike Air Foamposite Pro “Galaxy” Custom

Oh my! As of late, we’ve seen some sick customs, but this custom job is very special to TSG because it was designed by our Atlanta brethren, Smoothtip. Yes, he bodied this custom job. We saw them in person on Saturday, and they look amazing. If you follow @TheShoeGame on Twitter and Instagram (theshoegame), you got a sneak peek at the Galaxy Foamposite Pro customs on Saturday. Smoothtip just sent us exclusive, high res photos of his latest creation. He customized his Pearl Foamposite Pro simply because he thought the Galaxy Foams would look better with a black Swoosh. Do you agree?

If you do agree, we’ve got great news for you: Smoothtip is willing to do custom orders. Totally freakin’ awesome. All you need is pair of Pearl Foams, and he will take care of the rest… for a small fee of course. For pricing and other questions, you can contact Smoothtip at his Facebook page. You’re welcome. *Kobe voice*

Enjoy the photos. Hit the comment section and give us your feedback.

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Lord G-Roc from the Great South. Twitter/IG: @GRocSmith

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  • It looks better on a pro than a one IMO

  • Torontocomeup


  • Very Nice Custom!! If someone would’ve told me those were promo/sample pair, I would’ve believed it.

  • @AlexThaGr8 – Me too. Me and you were both lost for words. hahaha

  • YaY

    That came out cool and all, but it’s not the real thing. Great attempt tho. Wonder if he would do these for my white/black zoom rookies?

  • He made the pearl soles glow in the dark too? thats crazy.

  • DeadStockDann

    i was expecting to hate these when i clicked the link, but i cant front on these. Great job!

  • aSh

    F-N Awsome job!!!! Wish I had some pearls I would sooooo get this done!!! G-Roc is the swoowsh still outlined in red???

  • Best application of the Galaxy print I’ve seen on a custom so far!

  • aSh

    *On the heel and heel tab??? Easy fix they still look great…

  • dbcooper

    I can honestly say after holding this shoe in my right hand and the “real” galaxy in my left that these were better. The real galaxy when you look close it looks kind of fuzzy. Its printed on the shoe so there is binding on the shoe. With these its paint so it close clear. There was 3 ppl at dunk xchange with “real” galaxys that all said his looked. Its the difference like having a poster on your wall and a painting. Major props on these.

  • SPINS6136

    I’ll give props to anyone who can do a good custom job. I know the hardwork and effort it takes.

    Tried to do some customs on an old pair of black/red IV’s back in the day. Not an easy task.


    Those IV’s were TRASHED so i used them for practice. Otherwise I would never discrace a pair of black/red IV’s like that.

  • soloflight22

    seriously considering…

  • lacemob follow me on twitter JetsDOIT__GO

    These look waayy better

  • YaY

    I don’t have Facebook, is there another way of contact? I want these done with my zoom rookies

  • LG

    BLUE MAGIC! damn I have a pair of pearls…hmmm!!

  • Thanks to everybody that enjoyed looking at these in person at DXC. Im the artist and you can hit me a message at Smoothtip82(@) It took allot of patience and late nights to paint these customs, so im humble to recieve the positive feedback.

    Peace to the G-Roc,fFinally made it on the page! Whoo-Hoo! Look out for more work from me real soon.

  • ant bank$

    woooooow i need a pair asap, damn these look good with that check looks like some real suit st*t , swag!!! great job!!!!

  • Executive

    Dope, I did a failed custom job on some college blue 17’s. What was I thinking?!?! I was young (shrugs)

  • Mater

    =o gtfo


    Saw these in person at dxc on Saturday… my mans really go in on customs, these dont hold a candle to the other stuff he had with him

  • The NewJent

    Dam. he did a great job on these. I am not a fan of the galaxy’s but the fact that he re-created them by hand is mind blowing.

  • sneakercritique

    These were at dunkxchange!!!!! Wow I totally missed them but anybody have any good cop stories from the event? (But the customs were done way better than galaxies no wonder people sold their pair lol)

  • Pros before hos, i mean ones.