Nike Air Foamposite Pro “Gem Green” – July 2012

The Nike Foamposite takeover continues this summer and throughout 2012. Here’s a first look at the Nike Air Foamposite Pro in Black/Gem Green. From what I can see, this colorway looks exactly like the chameleon/iridescent Nike Air Foamposite One that Gentry Humphrey previewed last October. Now it seems like the colorway will grace the Air Foamposite Pro. Either way, I’m sure Foam heads will eat this release up when they hit stores in July. Stay tuned for more updates and release date. via SN


The Foam One Gentry previewed last October.

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  • I have to see more detailed pics or see them in peson or something. Not feeling these so far

  • G-Phi 2K6

    I call them the Gasoline Foams…I know they are damn near the same thing but I just don’t like the swoosh on the Pros. I prefer the ones.

  • Bob

    The picture at the bottom is not the right one. That one is a sample of the pro that will release next month.

  • They look like eggplants. smh

  • LG

    Yeah will try

  • … ugly ass color on wtf nike .

  • atgbryan

    gem green? green???…any who looks like a mix of eggplant and coppers=rust cw…have both, so not sure id pick these up, probly wont but they are better than the piss yellows, red metalics, etc that released earlier this year


    Sooooooooooooooooooo coca leaf

  • aSh

    @ Bob right??? I though the FoamposIte One in the pic with Gentry was the “GoldMedal” foam that was supposed to drop in July/Aug too???? I am feeling these tho just wish then swoosh on the toe was the same “rust” color as the one on the sole….

  • Jerronimo aka Seattle Slimm

    not bad… The pearls are still my fav colorway.

  • Royal S

    Man these look like they were made of penny material, then someone with after drinking too much water came by and pissed on them. Then left them out in the sun for about 7 hours then the nike designers said “a new foamposite color way.”

  • Jthrillz728

    They stupid they should of just kept them the Penny One, they look way better i need sum detailed pics

  • these are fire and i don’t get all the hate for pros. the swoosh is what seals the deal. def coppin.

  • Bigfam

    Hard body!!!! Can’t wait dig

  • mlm

    Saw these in person. If I’m not mistaken, these should say “USA” on the back and be a limited release, even moreso than other foams.

  • Mikey Z

    This should be called the “Hypebeast Special”! These are straight trash! Thanks for ruining a classic!

  • yeah ok, but when the time comes for them to drop you’ll be the first in line though, sayin “damn yo instant classic!” pfft.