Nike Air Foamposite Pro Sample “Gradient”


A sample of the Nike Air Foamposite Pro has popped up on the web carrying an unknown colorway.

The sneaker carries a four-tiered gradient color scheme that blends between black, purple, red, and yellow.

Based on the pattern used on the upper, my guess would be a partial galaxy theme but instead focusing on the sun. The shift from black-purple-red-yellow would be empty space to getting closer to the sun while the design would be asteroids. In other words, the toe is the sun. This is just speculation as your guess is as good as mine.

As more information arises regarding this colorway, TSG will keep you updated.

Via Long-7

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  • B2sick

    These are dope I like the color switching on the out sole

  • Could’ve made the transitions more subtle.

  • Def not mad at these. Nike been subjecting both the1s & the pros to slow deaths. But these, so far, are pretty dope.

  • Executive aka NFG

    Look like fruit loops.

  • I was only a matter of time before they pulled something like this. They will probably be nice to look at, but I would neva buy nor wear anything like these

  • justin


  • Tr1ll


  • JOP

    Makes me giggle.. Hehehe…

  • Jarvo

    Foams should go away for like 5-6 years bcuz these new cw’s are fugly and getting out of hand.