Nike Air Force Max 2013 “Fab Five”

The Nike Air Force Max comes in a 2013 rendition known as the “Fab Five” pair.

During the glory days of the University of Michigan Wolverines, the Fab Five took the NCAA by storm while rocking all black pairs of the Nike Air Force Max. The silhouette holds the same design as before, this time coming with a seamless upper made of nubuck in the OG black/cool grey colorway.

These are available now at Footlocker for $140.

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  • SPINS6136

    A piece of my childhood right here.

    I was 12 when the Fab Five came about.

    First thing I did was hit all the local stores so I could find some XL yellow Michigan Nike shorts, some lowcut black Nike socks that said “NIKE” in blue block letters on the side and these.

    The combo of MJ and the Fab Five changed how I represented myself when it came to ball and ball style.

    Changed that WHOLE generation forever.

  • omar najeeb

    Say that $#!t again, boy!! Its because of the fab 5 rok’n these with blac sox that made me always roc black sox w/ blac kix. That’s the only way I roc my blac joints in the summer.
    By the way spins, I kno u rep unc heels. But u kno the ‘5’ shouldv won that ’93 title game rite? Lol

  • MelloYelloMD

    ^I def had a pair of the nike Michigan shorts lol. Team Huarache tho

  • Justin

    @Spins / Omar, same here…still nothing but black socks/black shoes for me to this day.

    I’m from Detroit and can say without a doubt (obviously not biased) that Michigan should’ve won that game.

  • Shoe String

    The seemless upper sucks on these. Why couldnt they just leave these alone. This is why I stopped copping the Barkley’s as of late. Glad I got a few pairs from the last run. Would have copped 2 if Nike didn’t put that wack seemless crap on it.

  • 4DRUMZ

    Shoe String… go check em’ out dude… it’s not that tragic of a move! I was very weary of the vac construction but after seeing them and trying them on today… they’re good to go! I picked up the Hua-Frees in the Fab 5 CW last year when everyone was complaining about the free sole… no biggie… happy to have them and anticipate picking these up after they mark down a little!

  • Supa B

    being a michigan fan since the fab 5 days(i was 11 when they got to AA), i love these!!! i dont even rock white socks anymore because of them. them & jordan totally changed the whole style of basketball gear forever! and i’m glad they did…

    GO BLUE!!!

  • i_luv_kickz

    Wear those plain black nike socks and these and you be breakin necks. Fresh to def right here.

  • i_luv_kickz

    ^the classic look

  • Shoe String

    @4DRUMZ I did see them in person and was very disappointed. They just didn’t look right with that vac tech crap. When I first heard the news these were releasing again I couldn’t waite to cop these and was hoping the white/black/cobalt colorway would come back in 2013. These were one of my top ten Nike shoes of the 90’s and I still own the pair I had from the original run. I just hate when they change materials and tweek the colors of shoes that I fell in love with. From a distance these look like the 90’s version but up close they’re just a turn off. Kind of like that girl that looks good in a dimly lit bar until the lights go on during last call and you see all her imperfections. Just not the same to me. I hope Nike decides to give us these in its original form sometime this year. NIKE PLEASE STOP WITH THIS VAC TECH CRAP ON CLASSIC SNEAKERS!

  • shoe guy

    all hype.. this shoe has been on shelves many time sin silence and i passed on it and i will pass on it now..

  • SPINS6136

    omar najeeb:

    hey, you have NO idea how hard it was to watch that UNC/Michigan title game.

    It was like watching your older brothers beat each other’s a** in the backyard. You hope they both win.

    But, alas, my man Chris. Well, I blame the bench (yeah we all know they were yelling from the sideline)Jalen was always my guy though. I wore #5 for both football and basketball (plus adding MJ’s 2+3=5) until I got to college. Then I switched to #1 (because I wanted to be the next Penny) and never changed it again….LOL

  • Jerronimo aka Seattle Slimm

    I grabbed a pair of these at Nordstroms rack about 4 years ago. I bet they sell out now if a Celebrity is seen wearing them…lol.. I’ll cop a fresh pair once the price comes down. These are CLASSICS tho!

  • Dirk Diggler

    I wonder if the Nike Air Force Max 2013 “Fab Five will ever be re released?