Nike Air Force Max CB – Spring 2013

Long live the Air Jordan, Air Penny, and the Air Barkley line. Sure, there’s other popular signature lines but Jordan, Penny, and Sir Charles pretty much had the 90s on lock. Next year Nike Sportswear will bring back one of the sneakers from Charles Barkley’s line, the Air Force Max CB. TSG provides you with an early preview at four Air Force Max CB’s that will hit stores early 2013.

We will keep you updated with more details as we get closer to the release, so stay tuned.

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  • Johnboynice

    They need to bring back the phoneix suns home color way of this shoe!

  • KadillacJackson

    John you definitely right about that. I need the Suns CW too. I still have my Fab 5 pair from when they came back out in 06.

  • SPINS6136

    That navy/bright royal colorway is new. So is this cool grey looking one.

    But, my black/grey pair from early 200’s is BEAT.

    So I’m definately going to have to scoop up another new pair. (aka the Fab 5’s)

  • SPINS6136

    Check that, 2000’s.

    Not so sure, but I don’t think the Roman’s rocked these in the early 200’s! (whoops!)

    Nor am I that old…..SMH

  • I SO want the black/white aka Fab Five (right Kadillac) CW but I hated dust-bucket nubuck then and I STILL hate it now. SMH… such a high maintenance material. I will have to check out the white CW

  • nish

    those might have vacuum technology on them.

  • LG

    Blk pair fo sho.

  • vintage4life

    I’m checking for the Ogs that’s all folks. Sold my 06’s joints wish I would have kept them.

  • nateo

    how come the air max on the tongue of the go joints is light grey and not white like its supposed to be, weeeeeeeird, nike so amazing.

  • jware

    I just hope they are not narrow like every other nike they make now

  • Hali_Famous

    My 06’s are busted too need to cop a pair of fan fives and the new blue color way for sure. I have to agree about the suns color way need that too

  • Hali_Famous

    Fab not fan, dam auto correct