Nike Air Griffey Max 1 Grey/Marina Blue

Nike Air Griffey Max 1 Grey/Blue

The Griffeys you have all been waiting for hits stores, February 20th. In stores tomorrow at most Nike accounts for $140.

These will be widely available and you can find them at NikeStore Lenox Square, Proper, and at many more Nike retailers.

Nike Air Griffey Max 1 Grey/Blue

Nike Air Griffey Max 1 Grey/Blue

Nike Air Griffey Max 1 Grey/Blue

Nike Air Griffey Max 1 Grey/Blue

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  • J.Hunter

    Yeah man!! I ordered mine off of the other night!! i can’t wait to get them. This colorway is amazing!! Its so simple, yet dope!!! These go Hard!!

  • They clean but im focus on the eggplants . Too much heat in the same time

  • lilbusta2318

    I like these. Going to see them in person tonight. Most likely my money will be spent on AM 95s, but you never know til you go…

  • I like these but I got the colorways I want already in the Griffs! Jus waitin on the eggplants…

  • my mind’s tellin me NO, but my body’s, my body’s tellin me YES.

  • Love this shoe but have to sit out. Wifey wouldn’t be happy if I bought these after peeling for the Motorsport’s and Copper Foams. 😉

  • Hye Style Kid

    Cant lie these things are nice but i got the pair i wanted the most if they floatin around when im walking with spare change then they will get copped

  • stacks

    yeah footlockers gettin em so ima copp tomorrow. This was heavy month for shoes

  • Never noticed the metallic swoosh on the toebox… Iuno about that.

  • Stevie Westside

    gonna cop, nike is making me broke this month

  • Have I been waiting for this shoe? I’ve been waiting for this shoe to get less feminine, if that’s what you mean.

  • R@&&!T

    idk idk I want em but not like dat
    They don’t have enuff teal for me and they plain but at the sametime this shoe is sick idk we’ll see 2morrow

  • me

    these looks raw. But i dunnno its missing some color balance

  • Baby Jordan

    So these aren’t a quicktsrike after all?

  • I feel u Backroad. This month is me and wifey’s anniversary but I took care of her with a ring. So she all giddy and I copped the Motorsports, the Coppers and Im going to footlocker tomorrow and copping this joints. Gotta distract em ya see!

  • MisterMcfly23

    my connect copped a pair and to be honest, they do look a lil’ “girly” in person, so im going back n’ forth with these *kanyeshrug*…

  • MA$E

    r they still a quickstrike release??

  • we have a few pair on deck
    cumberland mall

  • I want these, but my money is going for the spizzikes, but these could join my collection eventually

  • NowTheRetroJordanAmbassador4Life

    These are a must. Coppers and then these makes me good for a while. Still on the fence about the chirping birds. I’m gonna Brazilian wax the inside of them and they will be a nice pair of dunks especially with the denim material.

  • Sneakers O’ Toole

    pass..look like a chick shoe

  • D

    I like these and got my pair on lock along with the Air Max 95’s.

  • i’ll be picking these up and the blk/cement spizikes tomorrow, going to have an empty wallet by sunday, nike and jb are killin me, just picked up the motorsport 6’s and copper foams within the last week, still have my fingers crossed that the only thing i’ll pick up in march and april is the oreo 6’s, though i still want to see them before i make the buy

  • HURRIC@N3 24

    I’m on the fence about these, but right now I’m leanin towards not coppin, bcuz my pockets are gonna be empty when the Jordan releases start pouring in in the summer

  • Solelacecollecter

    I love Griffeys, And I love this colorway. If there is any doubt on my conscious its because I want to save bank for some other heat thats going to be dropping in the next two months…But I am currently rocking my Griffey Volts as we speak and it is making me lean to def copp of these…


    hell yeahhh im coppin……ima sit em rite next to my Volts and my Freshwaters

  • weezy23

    Already seen em didn’t like the gray swoosh on toebox makes em look wack imo

  • gman

    freakin copped them 2 days ago, theyre pretty freakin hot yo

  • My-My

    they cute ..But, is it true they’re commin out in boys twoo??

  • I still need the Volts… these the other day and they’re definitely odd-but-cool lookin. They could use a LITTLE more blue in em, but no shoe’s perfect (except for the AJKO’s that is 😉 )

  • dininon

    Copped tomorrow 4 105 n “NC” flyest u definitely not me n my niggaz r…..

  • Solelacecollecter

    TM I’m dissapointed in you…Get you some Volts. They are a beast of a shoe. I brought a ’92 toronto blue Jay hat specifically for the shoe and it goes together like cherries and cocolate 🙂

  • Solelacecollecter


  • THP

    these are as clean as a shoe gets…c’mon now…grey and blue is sooo fresh. Best Griffey to date and this is a straight up Jordan head talkin— I have to really be feelin’ a shoe to cop if it ain’t jays…Coppers and Griffey’s back-to-back…very rare month.

  • Angel

    I have spent all my money, two coppers, two eggpplants, motorsports and now these. And this is just in two months. Nike,J/B, your welcome.

  • Bigfam

    What’s the good news TSG? I’m going straight in these joints are silly definately need them for the collection, but I might have to wait nike/jb killing the game right now. On my immediate list of joints to copp are the (Blk/Red/Cement Spiz’ikes- Eggplant Foams-Oreo’s-and the (Dunkman’s) if I can find them need those early true talk. If the Griffey’s still hanging around I’m a definately copp them ya heard. Just so I can rock them along with the Freshwater’s & Volts LOL!!!!!!!!!!! Damn I can wait for the wheather to break ya dig. Good look G-Roc keeep posting that dope sneaker news ya heard.

  • gotjordans?

    I’ll get mines Monday, my local shop is getting his ship a little late…

  • mr. cop

    all of you guys are idiots, cop this! cop that! go cop yourselves a life for once suckas!

  • mr. cop

    i bet yall dont even know griffey like that! suckas reppin stuff when they dont know jack…i feel sorry for you all depending your happiness on some sneaks…materialistic idiots

  • Nee

    these come in kid sizes??

  • carter

    these are the shit, I got mine friday night! fire ass colorway great materials used cant wait to rock them one day (when the weather breaks)
    on to the eggplants and oreo VI’s then I think can sit out april and may from what I can tell
    so far this year… copper’s, black/varsity red vi’s, HOF 1’s, white/red trainers, griffey’s