Nike Air Griffey Max II – Holiday 2011

TSG confirmed that the Air Max2 Uptempo will return later on this year, and today we give you another Holiday 2011 preview. We broke the news last year about the return of the Air Griffey Max II, and the original colorway will hit stores next month, plus new colors dropping throughout the year. The Griffey line will be heating up Summer 2011, but more new colors of the Griffey Max 2 will be available in stores Holiday 2011. Take a look at the preview after the jump.

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  • yung crac

    These are just what i been waitin 4 gotta get my hands on these. 502 stand up.

  • Executive aka K.O.T.T.

    Love me some griffey’s but to many dark colorways, how about those white and emeralds I’m dyin for a pair. And the white and red joints too.

  • gervman jr

    i think i just jizzed on myself lol

  • Mr_Kadillac

    The grey/freshwater pair are tight. The other two are nice but I got my eyes on the white/grey/oriole orange pair and the navy blue/freshwater pair. That all gray pair look a little off for some reason.

  • Please no on these colors.

  • atgbryan

    these three cw’s arent really wowing me….yep

  • Truly Fresh23

    @Mr_Kadillac I think you mean the Black/Freshwater pair or the Navy/Chlorine-Blue pair..both are very nice..and the ones above aren’t Freshwater either..but yea I am def feeling the black/yellow pair and the grey/chlorine-blue pair are nice too..

  • Mr_Kadillac

    @ Truly Fresh – yeah the Navy/Chlorine Blue pair. I need those in my life! lol with kicks come fitteds!!

  • aSh

    Love griffeys 1…. Can’t dig the 2’s tho…. Maybe they’ll grow on me…..

  • Yeah, WHERE is the white/black/emerald CW Nike??? Too many CW’s so far… market saturation = OUTLET El’CHEAPO Pick-UPs!!!

  • puerto-black

    gray and teal are beautiful



  • SeVIIn

    Black and yellow

  • Liyah

    All black, Need some for school=)
    maybe a lil bit of royal blue and gray

  • tdub

    jajaja the grey ones r the freshest homie..all grey