Nike Air Hoop Structure “Infrared” Update

Nike Air Hoop Structure "Infrared"

The wait is finally over if you’ve been waiting for the blue/infrared Nike Air Hoop Structure to hit stores. Check for these at your local spots because they should have them now or very soon. You get where this news is going, right? So if you want a pair start calling around. The box price is $125.

In related news, TSG reader and community member, Vagrant posted a blog in the community with detailed shots of the Hoop Structures. Hit the link below.

Vagrant Nike Air Hoop Structure Blog

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  • Converse King

    I like the other colorway better.

  • ccwatitis

    i hope these come out in Australia. these are soooooo sweet!

  • NZA36

    ordered mine from nike’s own website friday. they should still have some pairs available right now…

  • ^^^NZA36…..You was right homie. I ordered mine from Niketown as well and they have plenty left for anyone interested.

  • Starz

    why infrared though? it just makes it look like it doesnt belong…

  • JRa

    the running shoe is way better than these.

  • jr_lyon

    These are really comfortable I got 2 pairs in this colorway!

  • subys0le

    was guna get em on the 50.. i really dnt like tha shape of it

  • Jshuttlesworth

    Infared colorup that was first seen is superior, and I am also interested in the aqua VIII inspired color. That makes these a pass, though i enjoyed this and the first color.

    It seems as if the Infared’s might not release, but I would certainly pick those up with discount

  • Jshuttlesworth

    White/infared colorway just to clairify what I said above, It was seen on a table full of samples.

  • Jshuttlesworth

    To make matters worse, I cannot correctly spell infrared.

  • miamistyles

    What’s retail on these and what’s the release info on the aquas and breds?

  • miastyles

    whats retail on these? and whats the release date/info on aquas and breds?

  • Vagrant

    Price is in the post. How could u miss it? Aquas are schedules for November.

  • miastyles

    sorry blonde moment didnt see the price it was via my blackberry dope shoe though but im a more simple person my self so im just gonna have 2 wait for the aquas and breds and cop the Olympics while i wait

  • Vagrant

    @miastyles; Oh, I know. That used to happen to me when I had my blackberry.

  • SneakersRuinedMyLife

    Just got’em yestesday at FootLocker. Now Im waiting for thee AQUA’ cw. I thought these would be a heavy shoe but actually their mad light. Plus they look dope in person. Get them while their out sneaker cats or you’ll be sorry. These are true neck breakers but the aqua’ is where it’s at son…. :bboy stance:

  • hyestylekid

    Man i sacrificed a pair for me to let my lil brother get a pair but they are so beautiful in person i dont think they hit a agr around my way so im ready to cop a pair

  • futastar

    I think they still got them on the nikestore website they had them for like 2 weeks full size run.