Nike Air Mag To Release in 2015?

The shoe that many have been waiting for Nike to release just might be in the works as we speak. Marty McFly made the Air Mag famous in Back to the Future II. Since then people have always wondered if Nike would ever release the futuristic Air Mag sneaker with the automatic lacing system. Well, according to the World Intellectual Property Organization’s website, Tinker Hatfield and the Nike crew filed a patent for the automatic lacing system. Peep the abstract:

Abstract: An article of footwear with an automatic lacing system is disclosed. The automatic lacing system provides a set of straps that can be automatically opened and closed to switch between a loosened and tightened position of the upper. The article further includes an automatic ankle cinching system that is configured to automatically adjust an ankle portion of the upper.

Is it possible that Nike will release the Air Mag in 2015? If they are staying true to the theme of the movie, the Air Mag should see a release in 2015. If Nike decides to release the Air Mag there’s no telling how much the shoes will retail for.

However, a shoe with an automatic lacing system will definitely change the game in the footwear industry. Will you cop a pair of the Air Mags if they drop? 2015 release? Only time will tell. Spotted at Nicekicks via DimeMag.

We will keep you updated, so stay tuned!

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  • Thank you TINKER!!!!

  • jay

    adm! ineed these joints i saw this movie last nite

  • A shoe with an automatic lacing system is something I’ve dreamed about, since seeing all the Back To The Future movies. It’s a really cool idea, if they can pull it off the right way. But a shoe with electronic stuff on it won’t be cheap. I would love to have a pair or two. But the price will probably be well over 200 bucks, and that’s kind of ridiculous. Not to mention every hypebeast on earth would be all over these. Still, it would be nice to see them get made. That way, something from the movies could actually come true. After all, Flying cars aren’t something you see every day, and nobody has perfected the hoverboard. So why not?

  • fortydogg

    DDDDDDDaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmnnnnnnnnn im a start a savings fund right now for a few pairs

  • Eric

    Hell yes, this is every sneakerheads dream, automatic lacing, yesss! Will be very expensive tho. And I hope they make it available in more quantities than the usual exclusive release.

  • John B

    this could be awesome

  • Scotty Rock

    I’m scared it’ll do it too tight and f*ck up your leg//foot.

  • K.billy

    LOL that’s crazy..I’d cop if that shit works

  • Scotty Rock

    Sorry that was obscene.

    I’m scared it’ll tighten too tight and mess up your leg//and or foot.

  • I’d love to see these debut 1 day. Moon boots might be the new fad.

  • Royal Swagness

    I want a pair. but with automatic lacing and electronic configurations in them you better not wear them in the rain unless they can make them water proof. they are going to be 3x or 4x the price of the air yeezys. Expect to pay a car note, electric bill, phone bill , and a snicker bar on these.

  • J Flo

    i couldnt see nike not releasin them with such a hyped/cult following,esp wen it was set in 2015, i culd deff see nike releasin them, nd i wuld love to try my luck at copping, but theyll prolly be lik 250

  • Yea they will be dumb expensive, but if I got it? Im on it lol

  • Anyone else notice that all the states weren’t mentioned in the patent? Does that mean they wont be sold there? No NY, GA, TX, etc?


  • But ayyy that wud be crazy if they do release!!! lol I’d have to cop…but not for a stack tho. I’d do $300 to $400…

  • Hye Style Kid

    It would be wonderful to see an actual product though as said before it probably would be very expensive but you know what thats one shoe that if I had the money for it I would buy no matter the price

  • One of the THE reason’s why I’m in the shoe game. If they droppin them….. then then that is the only kicks I’ll need EVER…..bump, bump(drops the mike and walking towards the sunset)

  • Here is the funny thing….For YEARS… dudes been signing Petitions to get these releases…Nike’s been teasing us with Colorways…Yeezy made kicks that looked almost like it…Sneakerculture has a white whale in the Nike Air Mags….If Nike WERE to release these…they would be setting themselves up for MAJOR disappointment….The truth is whenever you truly desire something…chasing it becomes more important then ever obtaining it….Its almost gauranteed that once you achieve that which you chase..your almost never happy with it..and wonder why you chased it to begin with….Nike Mags are okay at best..they look like Space Boots…Could you imagine a mall for a kids rocking Mags up to there knees….thats the day I retire and move on to chasing shoes…
    On another note I dont think we will ever see these released…I think that Nike patented the idea just to keep another person (or company) from putting something like this out and patenting there own idea and suing Nike IF they ever released….(Nike always got there third eye open)




    on another note if this was NBA JAM, GROC would be on FIRE right now…LMAO! GOOD SH!T PIMP!

  • ceez

    damn i was watching i carly with nices and than after that was the movie on nick lol deff would buy even if they retail for 500

  • JuZ4KicKSnGigglZ

    would people like that idea on fusions?…..

  • There is NO AIR MAG PACK RELEASING! LoL… I wonder color the laces were in the pair that BRINX saw?
    It will/would be stupid expensive but if Nike was smart they would strike now while the silly Yeezy-like trend is still popular!

  • atgbryan

    lol @ Royal Swagness and hmmmmm sounds interesting, but these are def going to be way expensive and sell out in two seconds flat, with rape reselling

  • Hey ceez, quit throwin ridiculous numbers out! We can’t give Nike any stupid ideas! I’d cop though!

  • ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

  • LOL@ Alex “If they droppin them….. then then that is the only kicks I’ll need EVER…..bump, bump(drops the mike and walking towards the sunset)”
    ^I pictured you wakling away with your hands in the air like “I retire”

  • squeaky soles

    I would get these


  • ^was good homie?!??….Was creeping through extreme yesterday….Back to school sales ain’t bad…

  • Brandan E.

    if these were to drop, it would take sneaker madness to the next level. all hell will break loose if these were to release.

  • keep it

  • weezy23

    interesting but dont know yet would have to see the price and look in person but could be fire!


    340$$ easy

  • Chevyboy

    If these release, Nike BETTER bring back the Air Pressure, Air Command Force, and the REAL Air Force 180!

  • LG

    They can’t be serious..SMH

  • j_collector

    i would just cop em and resale em like it’s nothin, their fuckin ugly but i know people will pay whatever to buy em

  • Sdot

    I honestly Don’t know about these but its funny how much people hate on kicks on here but are all over these and I’m guessing they’d be around 300bucks anything more = rape

  • CG

    It’s about time. With the whole Hyperdunk and Hypermax series coming out, which both resemble the Air Mags, I’ve always had a theory that Nike was putting those designs out just to test the waters and see if the world was really ready for the Air Mag, this right here proves me right. I’m definitely getting a pair when they release, but they’ve should’ve known that the world has been ready for these shoes since around 2005 lol!

  • keith

    please nike.

  • Smh

    Look at the hypebeast ready to suck d*ck for these smh. These joints are ugly yes the concept is cool but look how stupid they would look on your feet especially if you have big feet lol I can already see the line up for these even if they a gr!

  • chas

    i agree with Converse king

  • ECN

    I will definitely grab a pair. Just use the Nike Air Pressure Silhouette and replace the pump part with th auto lacer. Nike needs to strike while the iron is hot.

  • MisterMcfly23

    i think the only problem with these being produced will be how to keep the shoe from electrocuting you if they by some weird occurence get wet, or the lacing system starts malfunctioning and locking you into the shoe…id still cop tho…


    this is funny because the movies been on tv for like 2 weeks. lol

  • Jerronimo

    Looks like a 2015… I think it will be kewl to see these drop. I remember drooling at the screen seeing these on McFly as a kid. We’ve come a long way with tech.

    I just hope the skinny jeans fad crumbles up and dies before these drop! I will cry if my son thinks that BS is kewl. (my opinion of course)

  • Brandan E.

    aint no skinny jeans representin here, aint no way in hell. u can print that!!

  • Chaz

    2015? Dagg Ima forget about em in a month =/

  • FLiP

    these would probably retail for 250+ and hypebeasts will sell them for 600+

  • BC

    I don’t think these would retail for more than what the Yeezy’s went for. I would have to cop out of pure vanity lol. childish, immature, ugly, whatever. I would have to cop lol.

  • HEC

    hahah no doubt im on it!!

  • sneak-vandal

    I’m not too hyped about these, these are CrAZyShoez.. besides that Auto lace is gonna be tough to produce efficiently by 2015… and by 2015 I wonder if we can even expect these to be expensive. Everybody on here just might be able to afford these w/ ease by then, jus sayin…

  • O_o

    for real nike????

  • Most of us grew up dreaming of these shoes…they’ve been in the back of ur mind for a while now…If these dropped it’d be MAYHEM…Quite possibly the biggest/craziest release in the last…EVER! Make coppin space jams on Dec 23rd ’09 look like coppin’ white on white Air Force Ones…Just look at the Marty McFly Hyperdunk’s…they go for stupid money and that’s just the colorway inspiration…the whole shoe? Fuhgeddabout.

    And CK…stop FRONT-ING we know that Smart Car you’ve got flys!!!

  • this release would create a crazy buzz. The camp out woulb b crazy and a must, bcause the shoe would most likely b limited.

    Im on board, take me back to the days when Michael J Fox was the Man on these streets. Black or white everybody thought McFly was cool.


    i swear they better have the sound and light up and everything, and they better drop them in other color ways… i need those in red and white like the hypermax

  • Shawty Black

    For any sneakerhead, fan of film memerobilia, science-fiction nerd, and Back to the Future fan (I guess that makes me four out of four), these are pretty much a must-have no-brainer. They will have people in lines around the block like the release of the hyperdunks and will be stupid costly like everyone else has already said. Its defnitely worth it to have at least one pair just to say you were alive and well when this new trend and new mark in sneaker history was made. But to be fair, they should give a cut of the money to research centers to cure Parkinson’s disease in honor of Michael J. Fox, that would be even doper.

  • Shawty Black

    Lights and noise are a must as well. They also should a “click” or setting component that allows you to preset the lacing so you wont injure yourself or have to adjust everytime you remove and wear the shoe.

  • michael

    i swear to god imo this will be the best nike air release ever

  • chris

    idk like id love 2 have a pair of these IF they drop but thats a big If but idk bout the automatic lacing but i loved all the back to the future movies so this is a must cop but idk if i would wear them and damn havin 2 wait 5 YRSSS !!!! hasnt nike already played wit our emotions 4 awhile now nd now havin 2 wait 5 more YRSSS lol if these dnt drop i swear ima kill some1 lol

  • watch out if they do… this will be on teir of a yezzy release if not less due to the price point.. deff expect a big event.. nike knows what they are doing.. never doubt that

  • Buying These

    I Don’t Wear Trainers Any More But These Change Everything Sign Me Up For Every Colour Except Pink

  • shoegame111

    aye getting them they on point lik fuk