Nike Air Max 1 Black/Grey – Spring 2010

Nike Air Max 1 Black/Grey

We have love for the entire Air Max family (well, most of them), but we have to admit, the Air Max 87 aka Air Max 1 is one of our favorites. Nike recently blessed their Air Max fans with the re-release of the original Air Max 1 colorway. True, they sold out with the quickness, but what did you expect? It’s still a couple pairs out there, so call around if you really want a pair. Seek and ye shall find! Nike will also release more AM1’s throughout 2009.

Next year the Air Max 1 wave will continue with colorways that won’t leave AM1 heads disappointed. Simplicity will never let you down, so keep the simple colors coming Nike. The black/grey AM1 seen above will drop Spring 2010, and I couldn’t end this without shouting out the man behind the AM1, Tinker Hatfield.

Props to HerbT for the image.

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  • 23edge

    Check out those organe am1’s, now thats the shit to watch out for

  • 23edge

    orange… lol

  • Smachetti aka Mr.NASA

    i dont own any Air Max’s but i think imma start buying some. These will definately be copped along with those orange AM1’s. I like the black more tho.

  • Eric

    Gotta love’em. Hell yeah 23edge, those orange joints are the sh*t.

  • 23edge – The orange AM1’s are dope as…you know. Nike will also drop a baby blue color-up.

  • dez’ike

    Idk.Is It Me Or These,the Trunner,and Bo Joints With The Black/grey Cw Look The Same.Still Copp.

  • Eric

    Hey g-roc, when are the oldskool blue joints that are supposed to come after the og red ones coming out???

  • Eric – They already released at some spots. The blue color is a wmns colorway.

  • Eric

    Thanx a bunch g-roc, do you know any online spots?

  • ^Nope

  • CallmeDiesel

    oh yeah these will work just fine. nice and simple.

  • Vagrant

    It’s gonna be a beautiful F@ckin’ year for us trainer heads!!!!!

  • Vagrant

    Wattup G-Roc!! You got some Killa news this week. Keep it comin! 🙂

  • nickescott

    Where are these orange AM1s ya’ll are talking about?

  • nickescott

    my bad, I see in the back. lol

  • D

    These and the orange ones in the back are fresh.

  • ccwatitis

    DAYUM!. thats all.

  • mr slow-joeslow

    Wow. Just when I was starting to loose faith in nike these pop up. Nice

  • NZA36

    look nice. i only have one pair of AM1s so i can always use some more.

  • Vagrant

    Only thing is…Folks are saying that the baby blue and orange may be a women release. I hope not. Did anyone notice how HUGE the Mid-sole is in this sample?..and the untreated mess looks nice, may get real dirty, but nice. Thank god it’s a sample

  • super clean summertime sexiness…..gotta love clean, simple colorways.

  • nickescott

    G-Roc, are you 100% sure that the OG blues are going to be a womens release? I heard they were coming out at the end of August. Keep us posted.

  • XkrispyELI

    the orange pair looks great, any more pics of the orange?

  • Vagrant

    @nickescott: 2009 QS Varsity Blues is a men’s release.

  • Jonas

    Sneaker bistro will carry these . Mens

    Sneaker Bistro Boutique
    580 Old Medford Ave,
    Patchogue, NY 11772
    (631) 730-7132

  • Thanks for clearing that up Vagrant. You would know since you own both pairs. 😉
    I was told differently, but thanks for confirming.

  • These look good. I always liked AM1’s but the QS red ones just released are the first pair I ever bought. Won’t be sleeping on these anymore…

  • RR

    Please tell me those Orange and Hyper Blue ones aren’t going to be a womens colourway.
    That is NOT FAIR, I don’t even see the point of women’s sizing anyway.. why not just make every shoe in every size, just less of the bigger sizes in some colourways.

    Its not rocket science.

  • ee