Nike Air Max 1 Medium Grey/Dark Obsidian

Nike Air Max 1 Medium Grey/Dark Obsidian

Nike Air Max 1 Medium Grey/Dark Obsidian

This Air Max 87 aka Air Max 1 was spotted in the March 2009 line up that we posted a few weeks back. Over the years of the long wave of Air Max 1 colorways, it’s always the simple colors that receive the best feedback.

The subtle medium grey and dark obsidian makeup is backed up with  synthetic suede and mesh. These proper AM1’s are now available at Nike retailers for $92. In case you need it here’s the style # 312542-014

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  • I’m loving it!

  • These go nice with a NY Yankees fitted but like I’ve said a thousand times, there is way way way to much HEAT coming out in March and April. I mean Jordan is back on there game Nike is going us retros we want like the Griffeys and Bo medicine ball joints. The hopefully March will see a Yeezy release and April has another Griffey and Jordan kicks as well. Right now if u don’t have two or three jobs u need to get in your grind or start ordering those credit cards and hope u will have the money to pay then back when u get the bill. And last thing G-roc please let us know that Yeezy news u were talking about in the last DMP 2 post.

  • Eric

    Yah thats tru about too much heat comin’ in and only buying what you really need as oppossed to what you could have on the side when you can’t afford it all. Only Lebron can afford it all plus those beautiful bespokes. But this particular air max 1 colorway is nice and very clean.

  • de la SOLE

    Damn these go hard!!!

  • the AM1’s are gettin luv this yr.

  • d-19

    i could def f*ck with these

  • AF1_G33K

    These are definitely nice.
    However, I’ll be waiting for them at my nearest outlet.

  • Ether

    so simple, yet so sophisticated….me likey!!

  • been waiting on these shits ..dont think these will make it to the outlet af1g33k. cuz ill buy en all. lol

  • AF1_G33K

    Lol, if they don’t make it to the outlets I guess I’ll just have to wait on my boutique shop to put ’em on sale.

  • LMC

    Looking forward to these alot, suspect there’ll be my only Nike purchase for a long time. Best AM1’s since the Skull Packs 2 or so years ago, I’d even as go as far as giving them ‘Future Classics’ status, hopefully the quality of the materials used will live upto how good they look!

  • Ether

    this is off subject…my homie at the mall just scooped me, but did anybody know re-upped the 11/12 CDP monday but didnt tell anybody so if you happened to stop through you got hella lucky?

  • CenValCali

    These are clean, I need a “quick run to the store,” shoes as of now cuz my AM Burst is sittin in the backyard bein rained on due to the fact I refused to scrub dog shiet off of em….

  • Mad clean air max 1’s are probably the cleanest sneak nike’s putting out nowadays

  • retroron

    dope, cant go wrong w/ the mesh air max 1’s

  • james

    bad shape, ballistic mesh and patent swoosh = wack.

    so close but so far nike

  • considered copppeddddddd

  • Dopeness without the over price and hype.

  • carla slattery

    where can i get these???