Nike Air Max 2 Strong “Suns”

One of the sneakers made famous by Charles Barkley will soon make a return to retailers next year. The Nike Air Max 2 Strong will return in a Phoenix Suns inspired colorway. The predominately grey upper is complemented with hints of purple and orange throughout. It’s also equipped with elephant print accents for added flavor.

Look for the Nike Air Max 2 Strong Phoenix Suns colorway to hit NSW accounts like Sneaker Politics on January 1st. The retail price is set at $150.

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  • 11_Spacejams


  • JBYRD23


  • BJ24

    Love this color way, but i don’t know about Barkley making this shoe famous. I don’t recall Barley wearing these in an NBA game at all, but I could be wrong.

  • shoeprize

    Barkley never worn the AIR2STRONG.

  • SPINS6136

    Barkley didn’t rock these. He had his own line at the time. I beleive the Air Max CB2 were out this same season.

    These were from the 95-96 season. (I know because I wore them my Soph year)

    I always wished they would retro these, except the mid version. Not the high. They keep releasing the high version over the last couple of years.

    C’mon Nike. Do us some justice. Next we need the Air Up, Adjust Force and Penny IV.

  • Milyon

    @SPINS6136 I still have my Air Ups with the 33 on the back heel. I want a fresh pair so bad.

  • SPINS6136


    I’ve got my OG black/royal pair with the “1” on the back. But they are BEAT TO DEATH!

  • shoeprize

    I need the solo flight…

  • Alexis

    So will i be able to buy these when they release…?

  • Guess Who?

    Glad to see them again