Nike Air Max+ 2009 “New Magenta”

Nike Air Max+ 2009 "New Magenta"

Lately we’ve been reporting on the Air Max+ 2009 and several colorways have already released, but we have yet to show the ladies love. Ladies, this one is for you. This is the latest installment to the womens Air Max+ 2009 line. Swing by your nearest Nike retailer to see the previously released colors. The new colorway features a sexy mixture of neutral grey, cool grey, and new magenta.

The new magenta works well on this new Nike running model, and they recently hit stores. You can find them at Nike Concept stores, Niketowns, and other Nike retailers for $160. Hit the jump to view detailed pics…

Nike Air Max+ 2009 "New Magenta"

Nike Air Max+ 2009 "New Magenta"

Nike Air Max+ 2009 "New Magenta"

Nike Air Max+ 2009 "New Magenta"

Nike Air Max+ 2009 "New Magenta"

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  • k

    definitely a pair of kicks i’ll wear in the gym “only”

  • G-Roc

    Dang, its like that k? Nah, on the real a lot of people say their to bulky for fashion, but I bet they feel great on the foot.

  • NZA36

    they look very feminine

  • NZA36

    oh, i didnt read that it was for women, LOL. i need some sleep.

  • o.s.t

    If I See A Beautiful Girl Wearin Them We Working Out Together.Nothin Better Than A Sexy,in Shape,and Nike/j’z Collector Woman.

  • Jay – Old Peachtree


  • TokyoMike

    just bought these for my wife… if she’ll get off the couch, put the Twinkies down, and lose about 4000lbs, it’ll be worth it.

  • c-bus greenery

    ^^lol this model in general is trash, coming from a air max junky , should put retro uppers on that sole, or even the ones from the 360 1 and 2s