Nike Air Max 2013+ “Throwback Pack”


Nike has taken some of the more famous Air Max colorways from the past and applied them to the Air Max 2013+.

The colorways are not applied exactly as the past models but Nike did their best transitioning them to the 2013. The four colorways presented are “Neon,” “Infrared,” “Silver Bullet,” and “University Red.”

These are set to release in the near future, as TSG will keep you updated on future information.

nike-air-max-2013+-throwback-pack-2 nike-air-max-2013+-throwback-pack-3 nike-air-max-2013+-throwback-pack-4 nike-air-max-2013+-throwback-pack-5 nike-air-max-2013+-throwback-pack-6 nike-air-max-2013+-throwback-pack-7 nike-air-max-2013+-throwback-pack-8 nike-air-max-2013+-throwback-pack-9Images: Sneakeraddict

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  • Executive

    Volts!!! Please hype god let these muthafuggas not like these so i can get a pair.

  • JB

    Nice! I’m really feeling the silver bullet cw

  • Mamba

    Dope pack!!

  • Prestige


  • Heat

    Very nice!