Nike Air Max 24-7 “Chili” (New Images)

By now you should know that Nike just dropped OG Air Max 95 inspired colorways of the Air Max 24-7. We’ve been keeping you in the loop with new info/images, and here we have new images of the Chili colorway, which just arrived at Wish. The ticket price for the Air Max 24-7 is $160. Hit the jump for a closer look.

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  • These >>>>>>>> volts

    Still wouldn’t copp niether though.

    just spend the loot on some nine fives!

  • edizzle

    these new air maxes r starting to grow on me. at first i was like ehh but this cw is pretty nice.

  • The Chili’s are my choice ?If? I ever get a chance at them. That’s a steep steep price-point and I jumped into a pair of AM 09’s last year already. Hopefully my 11.5 doggies are still around when/if these get under retail!?!? Good looking kick for sure! I love the red air-unit!!!

  • Have a nice day

    Love these. They should release these in the orange cw.

  • Saw the neons at the mall today. Looked at them closely, inspected them. They look better in person, than they do in photographs. However, I still wouldn’t buy them, because the price is too much. If they went on sale and I could get them for 100 bucks, that would be different. But as is, no go. I’ll stick with AM95’s.

  • these are ok

  • run~mia

    str8 heat bruh bruh

  • aSh

    TM… did you get these ones yet too???

  • aSh

    ^^^ Agreed with Converse King… the price is the only thing stopping me from getting a pair… still like them… waaay more than 2009 or 2010 (which are just ugly IMO)

  • so much dope kicks emergin on the horizon….hopefully I could catch these Chili’s on the rebound.

  • JoJo

    these are crack!!!

  • premo

    I want them how ca i get them?

  • I don’t get how the price is stopping you from getting these… I mean these look good AND they are comfortable. if you got the 160 for them then get them. they are really worth it.

    Right now in NYC people are buying them once they figured out that they are worth 160 (granted it was AFTER older models went on sale for 139 or less in some cases).

    The neons and the chilis are crack for your feet. And a couple of those Air Attack colorways are pretty good too.