Nike Air Max 90 EM – Black/Clear Grey

December 13, 2012 | 10

The Nike Air Max 90 EM has added a new taste to the sneaker line and Nike looks to continue next year with a black/clear grey colorway.

The sneaker takes a black based mesh upper which is offset by clear grey on the side paneling and mudguard. To finish off the details, red-lined black laces are used along with a speckled midsole in the front with a red air bubble.

Look for these to release next year in select Nike accounts.

Images: SneakersAddict

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Comments (10)

  1. Shawty Black

    I don’t always like the way AM 90s feel (I think they can be too narrow sometimes), but these are really nice.

  2. Shane D.

    Yeah, I like these.

  3. Just Kicks


  4. JBYRD23

    Looking good!

  5. Thomas

    Might as well direct deposit all my money to Nike for 2013.

  6. Jstar

    They ok….

  7. AlSneaks

    these will be mine

  8. omar najeeb

    Yeah dem jawns r tight. Hav to see wut else is on the radar b4 I plan for these tho

  9. JSneaks

    One ov the nicest cw’s I’ve seen on an AM 90 for some time now,
    Thomas: lol big time, too true, the life ov a sneakerfreaker hey$$$.
    big AM 90 fan for long time now.. But too many J’s ;-) –:-(

  10. Jstar

    They are ok but i need to see them on feet…

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