Nike Air Max 95 “Slate” – Now Available

The arrival of the Nike Air Max 95 “Slate” colorway should make any true AM95 fan run to stores and pick up one or two pairs. Corporate has just received the Slate 95’s in sizes: 6-14. If you’ve been waiting for these to drop, feel free to hit Corporate up since they take phone orders. These won’t last long, and retail is $145. The Comets will arrive soon. Check out more pics after the jump…

11578 Springfield Pike
Cincinnati,OH 45246

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  • AM95, sing to me. 😉

  • John B

    love them but will probably have to pass. AM95 here ya go dude!!

  • I’m gonna hit up ol boy to see if he can color my air units volt green like the ORIGINALS…LOL

  • John B




  • me

    dissapointing to say the least. that shape looks horrible. RIP 95s. Seriously the shape makes me not wanna buy ANY more 95s.

  • BcUz-I-cAn

    so when is nike going to bring back the big bubble on the 95? these are cool though, and hopefully I can get them under retail like I did the neons.

  • trulyfresh23

    str8 fire but i’m waitin on the Comets..cant give all my money to JB..but they do have some heat so i’m sharing the love between Nike and JB this summer

  • Lem

    I had these back in the day when they first came out. My very first pair of Air Max. Nostalgia.

  • B . E. A. U. T. FUL

  • these are a good shoe

  • BC

    wow, this is pretty tempting. I’m trying to save my funds for other things (who am I kidding … just other shoes lol) but these are compelling. These pics look better than the ones posted last week.

  • we aint corporate so we dont take phone orders AT ALL but you can come buy these now 770 805-9686 brandon

  • typecastaaron

    i’m not understanding is that top stripe black or navy blue? i’m not complaining either way but if its navy blue i’m copping.

  • DC21

    These will be COMING HOME TO PAPA!