Nike Air Max LeBron VII “112 Edition”

We got a sneak peek at the 112 Nike Air Max LeBron VII this morning, and now we can provide the web with a detailed look at the kicks. The 112 colorway designed by DJ Clark Kent was made famous in 2008 when 112 Pack released. Featured in the 112 Pack was an Air Force 1, Air Max 1, and Air Trainer 1. “112” is the first three numbers in the Brooklyn, NY zip code, and DJCK dwells in BK.

The 112 Air Max LeBron VII is made up of black nubuck, neon yellow, 3M detailing, cement print, and the 112 logo is seen on the tongue. This particular 112 sneaker was only made for Friends & Family of DJCK, with less than 24 pairs in existence. Sorry to break the news, but these will not hit retailers. Enjoy the images!

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Lord G-Roc from the Great South. Twitter/IG: @GRocSmith

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  • Sweet baby Jesus!

  • SoleLo

    G-ROC…i just shed a tear…ehh emm i heard a pair is being given away for SNEAKERFRIENDS ’10….size 12 please

  • Fire! Hope he surprises you with a pair.

    What’s up with the new image set up? I’m not a huge fan of having to click to expand, then click back, then click to expand…

  • This colorway is just absolutely terrible, the sole looks like the wrong color, the laces and the swoosh seem off for some reason. No dice.

  • Man Dj Clark u know I need a size 10 lol! But no major release? Man that is a HUGE disservice to the sneaker community. By FAR the best lebron 7 EVER!

  • damn now thats service thanks G-Roc for the pic without any flash, i would pass on these though, i’ll be rocking my dunkmans tomorrow, and @ G-Roc-i’m rocking my TSG Knows tee today iv’e had at least 10-12 people tell me they like th shirt or ask about it, and it goes good with my dunk shoe goo’s, will you be releasing any more cw’s of the tee?

  • @ Jedi Jump High-looks like the swoosh and laces are yellow and looks like the sole is neon green

  • @ Jedi Jump High-looks like the swoosh and laces are yellow and looks like the sole is neon green, which doesnt look that great imo

  • sorry about the double post

  • These are some average looking plastic shoes. Boy, I hope they can hold a lot of urine, because if someone gave me these, that’s what I’d use them for. Urinals.

  • Hye Style Kid

    Yea tough so tough whoever gets a pair is a lucky person indeed

  • Sneakers O’Toole

    CK …do you use foil or glass to smoke your crack? These things are FIRE!…if you get a pair use them to light your rock instead of peeing in them!

  • These look nice , but the red carpet Lebrons are just to nice.

  • DJCK… hit me up on the TSG Community because you accepted my friend request… and that makes us fam right? So, I’m in for a pair of these… right? LoL… AWESOME DUDE… AWESOME!

  • JSiK

    I want a pair just to add to my 112 pack & have they r really nice.
    Sh!ttin on the dunkman joints

  • Phat

    Converse King = hilarious man

    I actually like these. I could do without the nubuck and prefer leather.

  • MT

    So I’m sayin… LOL size 9? LOL

  • TheySayWhoDat

    man F***k Clark kent and nike dis why the kobes are way etter than lebron, lebron has released nothin but weak colors excpet for dunkmans and red carpets. keepin all the other fire c/ways for themselves


    these are whack they need to release the penny lebrons

  • weezy23

    These are wack these lebrons are sooooo played out now easy pass plus these shoes feel extra cheap

  • Nike Nike Nike… People just need to stop buying their BS Crap that they put out. I don’t buy none of their release anymore unless if it’s some serious stuff.

    Congrat to Dj Clark Kent for a nice touch on these Lebron but F nike… and they can keep the rest of their crap in their stores.

  • Wilbury



    They are fresh but if they aint droppin than I can’t even get excited.

  • I Got Shoes

    Man yall are crazy to think these go harder than the dunkmans. These are ugly.

  • NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Its not droppin! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

  • C brown

    Okay Mr Rubber and Sole..put this on your mind for a minute….why is it that people who get access to shit don’t really need that access to GET shit????? Case and point…these are dope…I would definetly cop…but yea sorry dude there’s only 24 pairs…so basically…Mayor…CK…All Day…and a bunch of industry cats that don’t line up…get shit for free…and basically don’t have to EVER worry about getting the hottest release again get to sport there hot shit while the rest of us drool at our screen…it’s cause of this that places like eBay continue to rape people….resellers continue to rape people…niggas selling fakes continue to make money…..DJCK you wanna change the game…continue to keep putting out 112packs…sell your ideas to the masses and they will love you for it…Keep making 1 of 1’s and And Friends and family this and that…all you do is glorify the very thing that you try and convenence us is just “rubber and sole”….(just my opinion)

  • guess who

    damn, this upsets me i want a pair of these.

  • I agree with C brown

  • atlfalcons4life

    damn why are all the heat colorways not for the public.lebron fakin

  • JAYS


  • sci

    Yo C brown i hear what u saying but you cant hate on DJCk for having been in the shoe game for a long time. Before getting the free stuff they had to copp just like everyone else. Plus you need people like DJCK to give nike ideas like the 112 pack so that they will put out good product that sneakerheads will want to copp

  • i dont think i seen a pair of kicks in the last 10 years that are this harrrrrrrd!!!! this is a problem….. serious. KREATIV.SOLE

  • frank

    112 Pack

    AF1, AM1, AT1 – Wow!! Nice!! Very very nice spin/colorways!!

    Hyperdunk or Hyperize…whatever it was….cool, but ok…112 concept is getting boring, still good, but kinda boring…

    AM Lebron 7 – Ok….beating a dead horse?

  • frank


    Seriously though…112 pack was nice…but yeah….something new please…

  • they will release at some point.. if not, WGAF. Heat on top of heat is still releasing this year…

  • YO

    Fuck nike dont give us shit givin rich ppl shyt for free while us broke niggas gettin the dunkmans if we lucky

  • They’re hott…end of story

  • lol mannn people gettin heated. I feel it but I’m used to it now u figgadeals me! Nike been on this for years, it’s just the way it is. But the Lebrons are hott

  • nike15

    i hate when they do this knowing that ppl are going to want them

  • BigfootNJ

    i would buy these if they came out.

  • poopoo

    and these were a pair of kents that would done well since the last few crappy releases