Nike Air Max LeBron VII “Michael Jordan” – Final Production (Detailed Look)

Last week, our homie Ty of Leaders sent us detailed images of the Michael Jordan Air Max LeBron VII from the Heroes Pack. As you already know, Ty has a mean sample game, and his MJ LeBron’s were samples. Today we present you with a detailed look at the final production version of the MJ LeBron VII. The overall design was inspired by the black/red Air Jordan XI. As you can see, there are several differences between the sample and the final production version. See for yourself by checking out the detailed images of the final production MJ LeBron VII after the jump. Make sure you let us know which version you like the most. Once again, these were only given to LeBron James and a few others. These will NOT hit retail.

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  • FAZE

    Who else thinks these are top 5 in the LB7 colorways ?

  • they aight

  • amin

    sample pair is alot cleaner
    disapointed they wont release

  • ExclusiveGame

    The Samples Go Wayy Harder then the Final Production Joints… patent leather is way Nicer on the Samples Dope Shoe all around..

  • John B

    i like both but i think i gotta go with the samples on this one

  • Baby Jordan

    Samples all the way

  • they shud hav kept the woven. SAMPLE R WAY BETTA

  • lilbusta2318

    I think the woven may be better on the samples, however to me that is not the biggest point. The black swoosh on the production pair makes them much better.

  • jclown!

    they shud have kept the woven tho cuz that flywire lookin shit kindA messed it up but no doubt this wood be a tuff lebron to drop all dey gotta is make like 223 pairs of em for each house of hoops r something like dat to bad the wont release tho..

  • These are dope…But make sure you make it out to the DMV Sneaker Summit this Saturday! Here’s the flyer: God bless!

  • John B

    it almost looks like the new torch material instead of flywire. is it??

  • BcUz-I-cAn

    white swoosh looks way better.

  • FlipFlopChevyRyda

    If these are the “final production” version…doesn’t that mean they are going to release?

  • Banksta

    so lame that these aren’t coming out.. these would’ve had people lining up.. including myself.

  • martymcfresh

    I was prayin these would release I was def gonna cop either pair released… oh well…. continue!…

  • Sneakers O’Toole

    G Roc please quit posting these….you are going to make me cry…for real!

  • Why not release em to the general public, Nike? Damn yal are shiesty.

  • Stevie Westside

    enough with the 10 million cw’s in this shoe, all of em are ugly

  • ntalks

    The sample NFW is better than this!

  • js sneaks

    Should have sticked with the sample. The final production sucks!!!

  • Samples are way better than the final production…But usually the way it goes

  • dat.nigha

    since they took the white out the swoosh im not as upset

  • Brandon

    They suck people only like em cause they aint got no 11’s. wack

  • sdot

    well brandon got multiple 11s and i DID like em. loved the samples and now no joke proably not gonna grab these

  • chris


  • Tanner P.

    i would post up and camp for these…The samples def’ go harder….

  • the first concept looked better but why show us something that will not release you do know how to crush someones heart thats messed up like i said comeone release the hero’s pack.

  • ceazer

    I like the swoosh on the sample they should put it on the final and send me a pair. I thought they were gonna be my first pair of Lebrons

  • I Got Shoes

    Man Nike can suck on something for one changing the design and two not releaseing the shoe.


    The samples were a little bit better IMO. Nike should stop playin and release these but I have a feeling that a lot of these Lebron 7 that don’t drop now will drop when its time to retro some heat for the future. Watch in 10 years kids will camping out to buy a unreleased Lebron 7 retro Hero Pack. Lol. I also believe they will be complaining that the flywire feels nothing like the OG’s. Lol. The game don’t change just the names and faces. SMH

  • Ya’ll need to take some TIME to really look at these and REFLECT on the AJ XI! The final production is way more true to the XI then the sample. The upper is apparently a semi-quilted MESH! The Swoosh is more ghosted without the white filler (NO swoosh on the XI). These go hard!

  • These is like, I like her… and her TOO. Problem? Nope…

  • Rorro

    Samples are better by far….
    For those who want to buy them… dont worry, a fake chinese version will be soon available for less than $50 bucks…

  • c’mon son!

    whats the purpose of making a hot shoe that no one can buy?

  • c’mon son!

    im waiting to copp the fakes version of these….

    Chin-yin on Canal street I know you got me!

  • Nene33

    That ain’t right Rorro, don’t go promoting fakes :smh:

    The shoes look great though, NFW, great color blocking, I think it could’ve done without the Faux XI design keys, but it’s a great looking colorway on the LeBron VII.

  • C Brown

    @Nene23..doing away with the Faux XI design keys would take away from the purpose of the sneaker…these are from the “Heroes” pack…made in homage and respect to MJ…they are SUPPOSED to look like the XI not just a BRED colorway of the VI…..I agree with Drumz..the final model is more of a clearer interpretation of the XI model..Ty’s verison looks more like a BRED colorway of the sneaker…without noticing the soles, and bottom of the soles, you may or may not make the XI connection….The final model (obviously excluding the swoosh) are a clear interpretation…very nice
    I said this before and Im gonna say it again…Bravo to Nike for making the hottest colorways and samples available to only a select few that get access to everything anyway…Just doesnt make sense to me to create a great product but then not give it too the masses…even in limited quantites…I mean come Ty and DJCK really need ANOTHER pair of kicks that non of us will ever get our hands on?? Takes some cues from JB..raffle them off for Haiti or something….
    (Still Hating a lil lol)

  • silentstare

    Samples with the woven mesh are WAY better than the final pair! It’s a shame they don’t release good models like this, yet they find ways to break their necks to drop a multitude of other colorways we could have lived without…

  • Rorro

    I don’t promote fakes and, I truly hate illegal things or situations… but if the market demands, somebody will offer for sure… like drugs unfortunately :(… peace.

  • losers1354

    Dude from leaders got a connect from Nike because it’s sold at his shop.He is given sneakers, so does that mean we gotta worship the ground dude walks on?

    If he didn’t get them for free, would he still buy these? No he wouldn’t. He only does this to show us that he has them and we can’t get them.Because truthfully he’d much rather spend his money on 1 of 1 Hush Puppies.

  • Jay Dee

    why ruin a good thing!it was a slam dunk with the samples, they were smokin hot colors…killed it with the final pair! Wack…who in charge here???

  • c’mon son!

    the 1st sample is way better….especially with th woven 1/4 panel…..crazy!

  • what???

    i didnt like these to begin w/

  • New Jent.

    of course they make these cheap lookin ones the final production. if i was lebron i would make em give me the sample version or leave nike all together.

  • hey these are good shoes
    i wish i had some like that

  • 2013