Nike Air Max LeBron VII Samples

Nike Air Max LeBron VII Grey/Orange

We gave away tons of stuff at our 3 Year Anniversary event last night, including these Air Max LeBron VII samples. Actually, the big homie, MAYOR blessed one of the attendees with these bad boys. Only at a TSG event! So you probably want details about this shoe and release info, but let’s take things one step at a time. With that said, enjoy these exclusive TSG images for now.

Remember where you saw them first! Whether you saw them at the event or on, you can’t forget the T-S-G. Big ups to MAYOR for giving away LeBron VII heat. Pardon me, but I must say our 3 Year Anniversary event was freaking awesome. More shots for your viewing pleasure after the jump…

Nike Air Max LeBron VII Grey/Orange

Nike Air Max LeBron VII Grey/Orange

Nike Air Max LeBron VII Grey/Orange

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  • CRACK!

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  • I always love that grey/orange coloway

  • Hye Style Kid

    These are nice whoever got these last night is lucky, best colorway i seen is in the cavs throwback colorway blue and orangea……. congrats on the event

  • Converse King

    For some reason orange and grey look really good together. But flywire, naaaaah.

  • ^^Who pissed in your bitch-flakes CK? There’s nothing not to like on those… but thanks for coming out! lol

  • MelloYelloMD

    I got a pic of dude that won them on the TSG community page. Buddy was holding on to them tight! There was alot of eyeballing going on , hope he made it to the car safely lol.

  • weezy23

    these are nice too bad i couldnt make it last nite to try and win them!

  • 4DRUMZ

    Those are fire! Yeah, anyone know if the winner got home safe? I’d have been watching my rearview the whole way for trailers!

  • Shaun

    Jesus Christ…I hope they release.

  • trey


  • big ups to the homie Mayor for this jaw-dropping giveaway.

  • stax

    like em. just picked up red carpet lebron vii best since lebron ii

  • dman

    YO G-ROC, We wanna see more pics frm the event! Wanna see all that FIRE that was in the buildin last night!!

  • shaunkxks

    To everybody I made it home safely along the shoes. I got’em tucked away in safe place, you wouldn’t believe how much people offer me for them!

  • zane

    one word…>CLEAN!!!

  • 24 is real

    These thangs get busy! Just like Flava flav back in the P.E. days. Speakin of flav, What ever happened to nite tales?

  • the cool

    I think it comes on in the bay!

  • @shaunkxks ur pic is on my page on the TSG communnity.

  • Mr Biggs

    These will be released in March 2010.

  • JB_09


  • Chevyboy


  • LG


  • Boogie

    if these are coming out I have nothing to say but when and where cuz these are retarted!!

  • MrScream305

    For some reason I don’t like the grey patent leather on these. I think that silver near the heal would look better.

  • tommaso

    CRACK lol

  • Nick Engvall


  • Du-Wop

    These is fire they have to release. Ill buy 2 pair.

  • Du-Wop

    These are heat

  • man the 7s are droppin’ in some tough colorways, raw!

  • superman

    is nobody else slightly annoyed by the difference in the shades of orange in the swoosh on in the sole? the shoe is still cleaned, but it bugs me haha

  • Blue cheese

    Yeah…these are clean as hell!

  • RASK757

    ^^ na superman i kinda like it.. it breaks it up a little