Nike Air Tech Challenge II SE Is On the Way


How many of the younger heads know whose signatures these were?

Answer: Andre Agassi! Ding! Ding!

If you already knew that, sorry to have insulted you.

These classy joints are coming soon, and, if you’re a fella whose into these suede stunners, you’ll have to go the 1.5-sizes-too-big route, because they’re a ladies only release.

The kicks feature a paint splatter touch just above the midsole, a white base, blue tones and a beaut of an upper green suede finish.

No release date yet, but they’ll available sooner than later.


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  • DJR

    Dope colorway but I’m definitely too old to rock these.

  • aSh

    No you are not! Nice jeans… Black tee.. You’re good!

  • That’s all in our own perception. Really is. You could rock these.

  • Glad you through some history in there Slam because some younger folks awhile back (maybe even still…) thought Kanye designed the mid on these. Strange times indeed lol.

  • SpecDotSign

    Still have my Kumquats and Clay Blue joints on deck. Truly one of my favorite Nike silhouettes ever.

  • Those Kumquats are fire! Major sleeper. People slept on a lot of the ATC II colors to be honest.

  • Colorway too colorful for you? I think you could pull them off as long as you’re not trying to match head to toe.

  • DJR

    I think so man, I’ll be 39 this year. If I was in my 20s or as cool as Clark Kent or Mayor maybe.

  • rocking with these…

  • B.great

    Hey Nike, zoomify these and huarache the back a little so i play in them