Nike Air Trainer 1 Mid Premium – Holiday 2012

Holiday 2012 will bring tons of new sneakers from every sneaker brand, including Nike Sportswear. This holiday season we will see new colorways of classic models as well as the return of original colorways.

NSW will re-release the Tinker Hatfield designed Nike Air Trainer 1 Mid Premium in the OG White/Neutral Grey-Chlorophyll-Black colorway. OG heads, rejoice! That won’t be the only Air Trainer 1 offering for Holiday 2012, NSW will also release a new colorway of the Air Trainer 1. The official colorway is Hazelnut/Baroque Brown-Birch-Gym Red. Hitting NSW retailers Holiday 2012. Retail is $110.

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Lord G-Roc from the Great South. Twitter/IG: @GRocSmith

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  • Gee

    This just made me very happy, thanks for sharing G-Roc!
    Now hoping for the return of the Trainer III in 2013, it only seems right

  • walllyh

    My all-time favorite shoe right here. And unless it is quality materials, I’ll stay away from them. It’s such an iconic shoe that anything less than what we got out of the 2000 retro is simply a waste of time… Btw, $110 is $20 more than previous retail price, and all points lead to the same crappy 2002-2009 quality.. So keep that in mind.. I’d only pick these up if they drop below $55. So I’m hoping for the ultimate flop on these.

  • ehh…

    not feelin the random black on the first pair and not feelin the second pair at all.

  • LG

    YEAH YEAH (crazy legs voice)
    they tripping with the second pair.

  • atgbryan

    no thanks


  • C brownAyipapi

    Damn I know Wally is somewhere doing back flips right now…

  • bknowbles

    I guess we have to wait and see if they really will be “premium”.

  • Chevy Boy

    The McEnroe’s??? What y’all know about these…old sn’eads like me just got emotional.

  • luke4545

    Yesss finally I could retire my chlorophyls, but like people mentioned I won’t be paying retail for these if quality is bad. 2nd pair looks like a hybrid of curry trainers and shima shimas, will be copped.

  • My Dixie wrecked

    Quite possible the best shoe ever

    Seen a few other fall colorways.

    There was a pair on the manager of 21 mercer that was te safari 87 colorway

  • deadstockjus

    i cant wait. ive slept on the past releases of dis shoe. not dis time though. also was this the pair spike rocked in do the rigt thing

  • mafio

    I understand you guys want good quality, but I dont understand how you guys think Nike is going to spend money on quality materials when no ones buying the shoe. You gotta give a little to get a little.

    I say go ahead and cop and hope for a better QS in the future.

  • walllyh

    ^Price jumped from $90 on 2000 retros, and $90 on the 2008-2009 release, to $110. So we should expect something back, right? I realize Nike is raising prices on many shoes. But that’s more in the $5-10 range if shoes aren’t selling. Jordans will jump $20. But Trainers no one really knows about or wants? They are setting them up to fail.

  • The Neugent

    Mann all yall trippin if you aint feeling that second colorway. Both are really nice. I to am praying for great quality but we all know Nike.