Nike Air Trainer SC II Fall 2011

The return of the Nike Air Trainer SC II was great news for many. However, some were disappointed due to the absence of original colorways. Continue to keep those fingers crossed if you want a taste of the OG colors. As for those that’s just happy to see the Air Trainer SC II again, here’s a preview of a color that will hit retailers Fall 2011. Look for other Air Trainer SC II releases to hit stores spring/summer.

TSG will keep you updated, so stay tuned.

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  • CooL_KiD_305

    I hope these sell for $70.oo I don’t think they are worth more than that. Nothing amazing I don’t care what anyone says!!

  • MelloYelloMD

    Not a big fan of this model but I like the colorway from what I can see.

  • Super Fresh…

  • ECN

    Fall just got a lot more interesting. The material looks dope and the shape doesn’t seem bad. This colourway is great hopefully we can get neon green colour.the price is probably gonna be around 110 so definitely a fair price.

  • Slyke

    YESSSS but bring back OG colorways!!!

  • Ok, I gotta comment on these, THESE ARE FRESH and I co-sign my slightly crazy but oh so loveable adopted son ECN, the fall DID just get a whole lot more interesting. Can’t wait for these.

  • walllyh

    So close to an OG color. Easy Pass! What a tease Nike. Light grey where the black is or NOT AT ALL.


  • Wilbury

    Agreed. OG would be good but this is a dope colorway nonetheless.

  • Vicous shoe….. The colorway was so predictable though…..

  • I’m usually not that into trainers but DAMN!!! These are on my list!!

  • joeslow

    Only OG CW.

  • QuietRiot,,,

    I drooled all over these when I seen Eddie Winslow with them on Family Matters but for some reason these don’t give me that same feeling.

  • Filmoetonyc

    Boo! No carbon piece on the heel…. Im sick of these cheap versions from nike… Its just worth the hype anymore….