Nike Air Trainer II “Raiders” Tecmo Bo

Nike Air Trainer II Raiders Tecmo Bo

Lately we’ve been posting more Trainer news than most of you can handle, but the show must go on. Last week we gave you a first look at the Tecmo Bo Kansas City Royals Nike Blazer Hi. Bo Jackson played baseball for KC, but as for his NFL days, Bo ran with the Oakland Raiders. This Trainer II LE pays respect to Bo Jackson’s Raiders days and also features the pixelated football Tecmo Bo character on the tongue. Word is these Raiders cross-trainers will hit stores next month.

Did you miss the Kansas City Royals Blazer Hi’s? Peep the related news link and I got a kick out of how many comments were posted. You have to know Bo Jackson in order to understand.

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Nike Air Trainer II Raiders Tecmo Bo

Nike Air Trainer II Raiders Tecmo Bo

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  • Kerry the Seller


  • cuda

    pretty dope. but next month my dough is going toward that VII pack. Sorry TokyoMike!!

  • CenValCali

    Don’t own any Trainers, but these right here are clean…. He77 yeah, Tecmo Bowl wuz the shiet!! Chicago Bears couldn’t be faded mayne….Jim McMahon to Walter Payton = guarantee TD….YEE!!

  • varski-203

    ^lol,tecmo bowl was the shit…they should update the game for the newer systems. “TECMO BOWL 2010″…it might get good sales!!!!

  • MelloYelloMD

    I am def on these!!!!!! Whats the releases gonna be? QS?GR?HS? I need them in my life

  • B_2_sick


  • like the cw but the strap kills it for me

  • izzo

    how many time are they gonna drop this shoe? sb anyone?

  • Winter beaters for sure…..Cuda DO YOU and enjoy them ugly ass VII’s LOL!!!!!!

  • Lo$w@rd g

    Inside swoosh is on msnbc. Ugly ass boy I tell ya

  • Lo$w@rd g

    O and next year aj will b called 25 not 2010

  • jsrgreat23

    they arent doing it for me. the different shades of grey dont seem to mesh well to me.


    Yall complain to damn much.
    Def interested in this shoe just mite cop.

  • His Airness

    it was the L.A. Raiders… and these are nice

  • walllyh

    pay respect by doing a OG c/w first.. way back when supreme “wanted” it.. What a disgrace.. This may be generalizing but no sane adult who played Tecmo growing up would want a shoe with speckled, patent, bright print all over.. This shoe is appealing to the kiddies who’ve seen the bo jackson tecmo video.. Another limited hype driven shoe with no true merit alone.

  • ccwatitis


  • bknowbles
  • ant banks

    !!!!!! C L A S S I C !!!!!!!!!!


    it looks like ajiv…

  • kix

    these are fire. Yo G-Roc did you see the Bo Jackson post on SneakrAddicts site yet. You would love it since your a Bo Head. I see you sent them a few pics.

  • Yeah I peeped it kix


    damn…need these

  • MelloYelloMD

    Aye G-Roc knows lol! I see you with the OGs with the 34s on back…neeeeed em! Someone was killing it with the Raiders hang tag.

  • usweatMyYkicks

    tecmo bowl sucked