Nike Air Trainer SC High “Auburn” – Spring 2013

We’re not sure if Bo Knows, but TSG Knows that Nike Sportswear will be releasing new Air Trainer SC High colorways Holiday 2012 and Spring 2013. We were surprised to find out that the unRaiders Trainer SC will be returning later this year, so we weren’t too shocked to learn that NSW is also bringing back the Auburn Trainer SC next year. Although Nike just released them in 2009, the Auburn Trainer SC colorway will hit stores again next spring. Do you agree with NSW’s decision to bring this classic, original colorway so soon?

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  • Jereme

    My 09s look beat so I am extemely happy. I am ecstatic that the raiders colorway is coming back as well. This shoe and the Trainer Max 91 OG colorway are why i love sneakers.

  • These are nice and all, but that’s silly for them to re-release them after 3-4 years hiatus

  • You know what?

    It’s silly for you to think that. These are classics!

  • Mafio

    ^No it not, it perfect timing. Last time I passed on a pair for myself and got them for my sis. Not this time. I hope the quality is good.

    Yea right…

  • I think it’s too soon. Maybe they should start making slight changes to re-releases like JB does occasionally.

  • Jerronimo aka Seattle Slimm

    I still have the last release on ice. Damn nike…slow it down. Don’t flood the market!

  • Shoe String

    Still got pairs from last 2 times DS. This is just stupid. Its like why even line up and cause all this commotion over sneakers anymore. People act stupid trying to get J’s and they sell out. Why? They will just keep releasing them over and over again. No point in going out of your way or getting mad over it. So what if ya miss out on a shoe. I can wait 3 or 4 yrs. Water down ain’t the word for it. Flooded best describes it.


    You Already Know!
    I slept last go around, not this time tho, thanks Nike good lookin’ out.

  • i really don’t understand when people complain about re-releases of shoes after only a couple of years…is it because you want to feel special that you have a certain pair of shoes that others may not? the only people i could really see having a legitimate complaint would be shoe collectors and or re-sellers…but i’ve always thought you should rock your kicks and not leave them in a box to gather dust in the basement

  • I’ve worn mine maybe 15x and the paint is already cracking. Picked up some near flawless B-Grades for $29 at an outlet… ahhhh ha hahahahahh ha ha haha… maybe that’s why the paint is cracking!?!? No problems here with a re-release!

  • LG

    Got a pair from the outlets too for $29..

  • KON

    Got my still DS bout to bring em out tho

  • C brown

    $19.99 at my local outlet….barely wear them…guess I could use another pair…at $19.99…lol

  • 23edge

    they’re part of Nike’s disposable line: you wear them once before they break down on you

  • John B.

    Auburn can go to hell

  • I feel like I just walked out of the store with these yesterday, but its cool to bring them back.
    I wonder if they will drop the matching “Bo Knows” tee this go around also?

  • I don’t really like how colorful this shoe is. I do love the colors but they’re way too colorful.

  • G-Phi 2K6

    I’m glad Nike is re-released these. I missed out last time. It won’t happen this time! Thanks Nike! Thanks for the info G-Roc!

    War MF Eagle!!!

  • fortydogg

    just wore mine yesterday and notice sum cracking/ need another pair one of my top 10 shoes of all time for nike/ need them raiders 2

  • Malcolm_Checks

    I have 2 deadstock pairs and i have had them since 09 and i am pissed with how nike is releasing them so soon the people over at nike need to slow down thats way to soon to release these classics allow people the time to actually miss the sneaker before they are in stores again