Nike Air Trainer SC High Black/Pine Green

January 28, 2010 | 18

Nike Air Trainer SC High Black/Pine Green

The Air Trainer SC High releases haven’t been the same since the late 90′s/early 2000′s, but Nike made a lot of people happy last year by bringing back the Auburn Air Trainer SC High. Nike will release more Air Trainer SC’s this year, and the black/pine green colorway is starting to arrive at Nike accounts. The black/pine green Trainer SC Hi will be sitting on sale racks soon, but you can get them now for $105. ATL heads can find them at Athlete’s Foot.

Nike Air Trainer SC High Black/Pine Green

Nike Air Trainer SC High Black/Pine Green

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  1. Almost everything I see from the Air Trainer SC line is blah nowadays. I guess I just miss the good ‘ol days. *sigh*

  2. lilbusta2318

    G-Roc – you coppin? I am not feeling this CW but this is your ish

  3. silentstare

    Theese are hot!!! I want to get my hands on these and as many colorways as possible. Good looking out TSG!!!

  4. @lilbusta2318 – Not feeling them. It’s like they don’t even care anymore.

  5. Kssmooth

    Why u say they are gonna be on sale racks soon g roc? I like the colorway bt Idk If I should buy them now or wait for the price to go down. Wt u think I should do?

  6. Hood17

    These r just saying SALES RACK

  7. jtowery

    since I don’t have this colorway….considered COP’D….as an SC head, this is gonna be an AWESOME year…

  8. J.Hunter

    I agree with G-Roc!! Whats up with the patent leather?!?! That is not what’s up!! They really don’t care. They are trying to do too much with a classic. If it aint broke don’t fix it. I got the Auburn Colorway and the Beet Red ones, but these can stay where they at. I was just praising Nike for being on they job. this shoe=#epicfail

  9. G-Roc, you hit the nail on the head, “It’s like they don’t even care anymore.”

  10. Hye Style Kid

    G Roc they dont care in a sense the materials have been off i admit they brought back alot for him in quantity i still wish they would bring back the SC Trainer 2s i think they were i might be wrong

  11. @Kssmooth – 1.) Trainer SC never really sells out. 2.) You can still find the Auburn, Raiders, and Beets at most stores. 3.) The best colorway (Auburn) is sitting on sale racks right now, so I know these will do the same.
    The colorway isn’t bad at all, but the overall makeup isn’t appealing to me. Maybe I’m living in the past, but it seems like they don’t put much thought into the Trainer SC High. Their attention is focused on the new Trainer line. It’s not like they were trying hard during the late 90′s/early 2000′s, but the colorways/materials were simple and clean. With that being said, this colorway is simple, but it’s not appealing to me. I stood in the store yesterday looking at them thinking “something ain’t right.”.
    If these were FREE of course I’d wear them, but dropping $105 of this pair…. I’m good.

  12. Jedi Jump High

    Lovin SCs but this colorway is meh. Ill just get the Bo 2010s and call it a week. Picked up two pairs of auburns from the nike outlet tho

  13. silentstare

    Anyone got any possible news / info on the SC trainer being released in the stealth/royal colorway that came out a few years ago? I NEED these in my life bad.

  14. I don’t like these as much as the ones I copped. A local chain store by me has the auburn ones, and the Raiders colorway. I may see if they have my size left one of these days before they take em off the shelves.


    Yeah these are going to be sitting hard on the shelves. I will cop for the super low later. But that 105 is going on other things.

  16. I just got some Raiders retro SC’s with the swoosh on the back…..materials WERE better back then, but it makes no sense in crying about it now….given the choice between 30 pairs releasing that may look good, or ZERO pairs being made at all, I’ll take the former. These, I like, so I’ll grab em.

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