G-Roc Editorial: Nike Air Trainer SC High “Lightning” Returns

Tupac back! Biggie back! Big Pun back! Reebok back? Now the Lightning Air Trainer SC High is back? Seriously? I’m not even going to lie, I’m still in denial. Even with the proof (photo and info) that was provided to me, I’m still in denial. Do you know how long I’ve been looking for a deadstock pair? Just ask Ivan, Tonio, Chevyboy, Tokyo Mike, Feet Heat, Jaya from Sneakr Addicts, and a gang of OG eBay sellers. They will all tell you that I’ve been on the hunt for a DS pair in a size 8, 8.5 or 9 for years.

The news hit the web the other day about the return of this Air Trainer SC High colorway. At the time I didn’t want to believe it, and in my opinion, the pictured looks photoshopped. To be honest, after seeing the picture I was excited for a few minutes, but I really didn’t believe that out of all the Air Trainer SC High colors that Nike would bring this color back. This colorway is NOT an original colorway, nor did it have any hype when it originally dropped in 1999. Come to think of it, none of the sneaker releases had any hype (minus a few Jordan Retro models), which forced you to buy what you liked, rather than buying what everyone else likes.

Once the photo starting making its way around the web, several people started hitting me up asking if I was excited or if I heard the news about the Lightning Trainer SC? Those questions and concerns confirmed that this was not one of my beautiful dark twisted sneaker fantasies, but the news confirmed one word: reality.

I had no choice but to contact my insiders for concrete details regarding this release. What did I find out? Well, it’s true! The news is true, with a release set for July 2011. The official colorway is White/Graphite-Lemon-Light Zen Grey. From 1999 to 2011, the Lightning Trainer SC lives!

It’s no need for me to take credit for these kicks returning, but I can only assume that someone at Nike has been paying close attention – very close attention to my Complex Top 50 list. If I actually do have your attention at Nike, please do all the REAL Air Trainer fans a favor and re-release the Raiders colorway… the right way! You don’t even have to put 34 on the back. Just release an identical version of the 1997 Raiders Air Trainer SC High. Thanks in advance! On a serious note, there’s only a handful of us that truly appreciate older Air Trainer SC High colors, especially the Lightning colorway. Shouts to bknowbles, WallyHopp, and the “others” (you know who you are).

So, what now? I’m waiting to see them in person. If all is well, I’m all over this quickstrike lightning strike.

Uh oh! It’s almost time to play my celebration music. Word to The Pointer Sisters.

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Lord G-Roc from the Great South. Twitter/IG: @GRocSmith

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  • yeah yeah

    nice! good article but i disagree on one point. the raiders MUST have 34 on the back!

  • aSh aka I Un-DSd your girlfriend….

    LMFAO @ u G-Roc u a fool…. but feel u man… That’s how I’ve felt bout my Bordeaux’s dude… Goes to show every s’neadog has it’s day!

  • G-Roc Editorials, looking forward to more, lol.

    Dope sneaker, I’ve actually been waiting for another SC to drop that I actually wanted after the beet red’s dropped. Although I only started wearing SC’s about two years ago, seeing all the OG and retro colorways and buying a few, I have really liked this model and it’s moved into my top 10 sneaker models of all time.

  • Deadstockkickz

    Gasp* I love this Bojack colorway I will cop one to rock and one to stock!
    Congarts Groc long time coming lol

  • Nice!

  • BorDoughBoy

    Congrats G-Roc. I don’t know if these are considererd SCs or not but they look like SCs and were brown with brown leather accents and were tied to the Negro Baseball League. They had a bordeaux tongue and bordeaux basebal stiching on the back. Any body know what I’m talking about. Well those need to come back too.

  • Like I thought, the photo is photoshopped.

  • Zae Breeze


  • John B.

    hell yeah Roc! I know ur excited and so am I! the detail pics look REALLY good!! Let’s have more of these “G-Roc Editorials” please sir!!

  • Ha, nice editorial!

    BTW, I’m looking forward to these when they release next month!

  • damn…they are photoshopped? That sux donkey scrotum

  • @Jerronimo – The pic that hit the web the other day is photoshopped, not the photo in this post.

  • Shawty Black aka Don’t Let Me Talk to your Girl or I’ll make Love to Her Mind

    Today was certainly your lucky day, now wasn’t G-roc? Happy to see you so happy and definitely the article was well-written. Good look!

  • BigfootNJ

    Thank you, Based God. I have mad love for Trainers, so these are a must.

  • MBall423 aka Honey Badger

    Despite the pictures that already dropped being photoshopped, real pictures are on their way. Some dudes in the Community called up their local shops, and several confirmed that their shipment of Lightning SCs are on the way. Hopefully the quality will be sufficient enough for you, G-Roc… if it is, congrats on the release of your grail!



  • walllyh

    Nice writeup. Quality turns me off to a point. The auburns were the only sc trainer high that I have purchased in these past 2 years. Beets, raiders, varsity reds, obsidian navys all were passed. I guess it helps I have wearable retros of most (and of the lightnings). These definitely push me to make a decision. Get over my “quality ego” and just purchase and enjoy. We shall see.. G-Roc, the release date @ eastbay is known. I guess it’ll come out sooner or later…. 3 weeks from today



  • More Editorials from the desk of G-Roc please! Congrats bro’!

  • Chevyboy

    BorDough Boy…They released in ’06 from the Untold Truth pack…Kansas City Monarchs. There was this shoe, an AF1, a Trainer Max, an AM1, a Dunk Low, and a Dunk High. G-Roc, now you don’t have to cringe everytime you see me wearing my Lightnings! LOOOOOONNNNNGGG time coming bro!

  • 23edge

    First off, who is G-ROC?
    Second… I love love love my pair of Bo Jackson trainers stone/yellow

  • lol congrats!

  • what up G-Roc? when bknowbles hit me with the info i was like ahh man. Once again its on. And their is nva any hype on SC Trainers so I love it even more. I’ll be grabbing a pair or 2. bknowbles doesn’t need anymore he already has 7 pairs and he doesn’t want 2 share lmao. So how many are you grabbing up Roc?

  • you can always tell when G-Roc is into a release 🙂

  • Thanks for all the kind words, folks. I guess may do more editorials in the future.

    @The SneakrFather – If they are right, there’s no telling. lol

  • lol i can see a grin on your face from here when you typed that comment.

  • YaY

    @ G-Roc

    i need the USA colored Bo Jacksons. Do you remembr those? they came out the around the same time as these lemon joints.

  • MelloYelloMD

    I agree the Raiders C/W is a must…with the 3-4 on back in premium materials!

  • Sek

    I like the white/grey/royal blue colorway that dropped back in 02 with NYC in the back. It’d be nice if Nike retro those puppies.

  • OK, let me just say that it makes me happy to see G-Roc this happy about a retro LOL. Your man deals with shoes day in and day out and that’s gotta take a SMALL part of the appeal away, so when dude writes a dictionary sized entry on a pair, you KNOW he’s happy!

  • This was a great excellent read. Good ish G-roc. I love it.

  • Bigfam

    This c/w is Supersilly!!!!!!!!!!! Def copping missed them last time Ya Dig!!! Hardbody!

  • stoney the don

    these are a must. if the auburns went on sale all over the place I cant imagine these are gona be hard to find.

    who remembers the dominican Sc’s from 01-02? ive seen them two times in my entire life.

  • Gottibabii

    Tha grey/white/royal blue colorway from 02 need to come back out asap…